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Order of Manitoba

Established in 1999 as our province’s highest honour, the Order of Manitoba recognizes individual excellence and achievement that benefit Manitoba and its residents. University of Manitoba alumni, including pediatrician June James, business leader Hartley Richardson, former Assembly of First Nations national chief Phil Fontaine, curler Jennifer Jones, and novelist Miriam Toews, are contributing to the economic, social and cultural well-being of Manitoba.

In alphabetical order
* = deceased

Mrs. Elaine G. Ali, OM [BA/1974]
Mr. Chad Allan, OM [BSc/1967]
Mr. David B. Angus, OM [BComm(Hons)/1982]
Dr. Gail S. Asper, OC, OM [BA/1981, LLB/1984, LLD/2008]
Dr. Israel H. Asper*, OC, OM [BA/1953, LLB/1957, LLM/1964, LLD/1998]
Dr. N. Lloyd Axworthy PC, CC, OM [BA/1961, LLD/2004]
Miss Norma E. Bailey, OM [BES/1971]
Mr. Leonard A. Bateman, CM, OM, Peng [BSc(EE)/1942, MSC/1948]
Dr. Robert E. Beamish*, CM, OM [MD/1942, BSc(Med)/1944, DSC/1989]
Ms. Karen S. Beaudin, OM [BA/1992, BSW/2011]
Miss S. Heather Bishop, OM [BID/1989]
Dr. Marjorie B. Blankstein, CM, OM [BA/1950, LLD/2014]
Dr. John Bock, OM [BA/1961, BEd/1961, MEd/1970]
Dr. Robert B. Brennan, OM [CA/1966, LLD/2012]
Dr. James W. Burns, OC, OMM, MSM, CD (Ret’d) [BComm/1951, LLD/1987]
Mr. Selwyn R. Burrows, OM [BA/1965]
Sr. Therese Champagne*, OM [Bes A/1977]
The Honourable Saul M. Cherniack, PC, CM, OM [LLB/1939]
Dr. Harvey M. Chochinov, OC, OM [MD/1983, PhD/1998]
Mrs. Pauline E. Clarke, OM [MEd/1985]
Dr. Dian N. Cohen, CM, OM [LLD/2000]
Dr. James E. Coyne*, OM [BA(Hons)/1931, LLD/1961]
Mr. Charles E. Curtis, OM [CA/1955]
Dr. Rayleen V. M. De Luca, CM, OM [MA/1981, PhD/1985]
Dr. Arthur A. DeFehr, OC, OM [BComm/1964, LLD/1998] 
Dr. Thomas R. Denton, OM [LLD/2017]
His Excellency Gary A. Doer, OM [LLD/2010]
Dr. Francis P. Doyle*, CM, OM [BSc/1943]
Dr. Joseph N. Du*, CM, OM [LLD/2014]
Dr. W. Yvon Dumont, CM, OM [LLD/1996]
Dr. Albert El Tassi, CM, OM [LLD/2013]
Dr. Ivan K. Eyre, CM, OM [BFA/1957, LLD/2008]
The Honourable Gary A. Filmon, PC, OM, OC, LLD [BSc(CE)/1964, MSC/1967, LLD/2011]
The Honourable Janice C. Filmon, CM, OM [BScHEc/1963, LLD/2011]
Dr. L. Philip Fontaine, OC, OM [BA/1981, LLD/2010]
Mr. Reginald E. Forbes, OM [BSA/1949]
Mr. Waldron N. Fox-Decent, CM, CD, OM [BA(Hons)/1959, MA/1971]
Mr. Arnold Frieman, OM [BA/1960]
Dr. Albert D. Friesen, OM [BSc(Hons)/1969, MSC/1971, PhD/1982]
Dr. David G. Friesen, OM [BA/1969, LLD/2004]
Dr. Henry G. Friesen, CC, OM [MD/1958, BSc(Med)/1958, DSC/1998]
Dr. Etienne J. Gaboury, CM, OM [BA(LatPh)/1953, BArch/1958, LLD/1987]
The Honourable Dr. Raymonde I. Gagné, CM, OM, Senator [Bes A/1976, Cert en Ed/1977]
Dr. Helen P. Glass*, OC, OM [Cert Nurs(T&S)/1958]
Mrs. Yhetta M. Gold, CM, OM [BA/1950]
Mrs. Irene E. Grant*, OM [BPed/1969]
Dr. Monty Hall, OC, OM [BSc/1946, LLD/1987]
Dr. Evelyn A. Hart, CC, OM [LLD/1989]
The Honourable John Harvard*, PC, OM [LLD/2005]
Mr. George N. Heshka, OM [BSc/1960, Cert Ed/1968, BEd/1970]
The Right Honourable Chief Justice Benjamin Hewak, OM [BA/1956, LLB/1960, LLD/2003]
Ms. Betty Hopkins, OM [BScHEc/1953]
Dr. Clara Hughes, OC, OM [LLD/2006]
Dr. Israel I. Idonije, OM [LLD/2014]
Mr. John A. Jack, OM [BA/1976, BEd/1978]
Dr. June M. James, OM [BSc/1963, MD/1967, BSc(Med)/1967]
Mr. Edwin F. Jebb, OM [BA/1973]
Dr. Jennifer J. Jones, OM [BA/1996, LLB/1999, LLD/2017]
Dr. Sol Kanee*, OC, OM [BA/1929, LLD/1974]
Mr. Sam M. Katz, OM [BA/1973]
Dr. Kevin P. Kavanagh, CM, OM [BComm/1953, LLD/1990]
Dr. Verna J. Kirkness, CM, OM [BA/1974, BEd/1976, MEd/1980, LLD/2008]
Dr. Cindy Klassen, OM [LLD/2006]
Mrs. Crystal M. Kolt, OM [BMus(MusEd)/1983]
Dr. Wanda M. Koop, CM, OM [DipArt/1973, LLD/2009]
The Honourable Philip S. Lee, CM, OM [BSc/1966, LLD/2011]
Dr. H. Susan Lewis, CM, OM [BA/1969, LLD/2016]
The Honourable Peter M. Liba*, CM, OM [LLD/2001]
Dr. Wesley C. Lorimer*, OM [LLD/1982]
The Honourable Mr. Justice Sterling R. Lyon*, OC, OM [BA/1948, LLB/1953]
Mr. Roland F. Mahe, OM [DipArt/1964, BFA/1970]
Dr. Arthur V. Mauro, OC, QC, OM [BA/1949, LLB/1953, LLM/1956, LLD/1987]
The Honourable Pearl K. McGonigal, CM, OM [LLD/1983]
The Honourable William J. McKeag*, CM, OM [BComm/1949, LLD/1977]
Dr. Loreena McKennitt, CM, OM [LLD/2005]
Mr. Ovide W. Mercredi, OM [LLB/1977]
Mr. Arthur K. Miki, CM, OM [BEd/1969, MEd/1975]
Dr. Leo Mol*, OC, OM [LLD/1988]
The Honourable Alfred M. Monnin*, OC, OM [BA(LatPh)/1939, LLB/1946, LLD/1979]
Dr. Arnold Naimark, OC, OM [MD/1957, BSc(Med)/1957, MSC/1960]
Dr. William Norrie*, CM, OM, QC, LLD [BA/1950, LLB/1955, LLD/1993]
Mr. David S. Northcott, CM, OM [ExtEd/2001]
Dr. Sylvia Ostry, CC, OM [LLD/1986]
Dr. Reynaldo D. Pagtakhan, OM [MSC/1969]
The Honourable Howard R. Pawley*, PC, OC, OM, QC [BA/1957, LLB/1961]
Dr. P. James E. Peebles, OM [BSc(Hons)/1958, DSC/1989]
The Honourable Roland Penner, CM, OM, QC [BA/1949, LLB/1961]
Dr. Francis A. Plummer, OC, OM [MD/1976]
Mr. J. Raymond Poirier, CM, OM [BA/1973]
Dr. Brian D. Postl, OM [MD/1976]
Mrs. Sophia O. Rabliauskas, OM [BHECOL/1999]
Mrs. Pamela B. Rebello, OM [Cert Ed/1970, BPed/1974, MEd/1989]
Dr. Strinivasan Reddy, CM, OM [BEd/1974, MEd/1981, LLD/2013]
Dr. George T. Richardson*, CM, OM [BComm/1946, LLD/1969]
Dr. Hartley T. Richardson, OC, OM [BComm(Hons)/1977, LLD/2004]
Dr. Kathleen M. Richardson, CC, OM [BA/1949, LLD/1989]
Dr. Donald A. Robertson, OM [LLD/2007]
The Honourable Duff Roblin*, CC, OM [LLD/1967]
Dr. Allan R. Ronald, OC, OM [MD/1961, BSc(Med)/1961, DSC/2011]
Ms. Leonore M. Saunders, OM [BPT/1972]
The Honourable Edward R. Schreyer, PC, CC, OM [BA/1960, BEd/1962, MA/1963, LLD/1979]
Mrs. Corrine J. Scott, OM [BComm(Hons)/1980]
The Honourable Richard J. Scott, OC, OM [BA/1959, LLB/1963, LLD/2000]
Dr. Evelyn Shapiro*, CM, OM [LLD/2000]
Dr. Carol Shields*, CC, OM [DLITT/2003]
Mr. Robert I. Silver, OM [BSc/1970]
Ms. Bernadette M. Smith [ExtEd/2008]
Dr. Muriel A. Smith, OC, OM [BA/1950, BA(Hons)/1951, MEd/1975, BEd/1975, LLD/2009]
Mr. Murray R. Smith*, OM [BA/1950, BEd/1956, MEd/1979]
Mr. Roger M. Smith*, OM [BSc/1940]
Dr. Arnold Spohr*, CC, OM [LLD/1970]
Dr. Baldur R. Stefansson*, OC, OM [BSA/1950, MSC/1952, PhD/1966, DSC/1997]
Dr. Maurice F. Strong, OM [LLD/1975]
Dr. Emőke J. E. Szathmáry, CC, OM [LLD/2015]
Dr. Paul G. Thomas, OM [BA(Hons)/1966, MA/1968]
Mrs. Deborah A. Thorlakson, OM [BN/1975, MEd/1989]
Dr. Miriam H. Toews, OM [BA/1989]
Dr. Bramwell Tovey, OM [LLD/1999]
Dr. Elizabeth Jane Ursel, OM [BA/1969, MA/1971]
Mr. Keith W. Ursel, OM [BA/1982]
Mrs. Josephine L. Wright, OM [BA/1955]
Ms. Doris S. Young, OM [BA(Hons)/1982]

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