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Rhodes Scholars

The University of Manitoba has produced 99 Rhodes Scholars, more than any other university in Western Canada. They include former mayor of Winnipeg William Norrie, Red River College president Paul Vogt, international trade expert Wilson Parasiuk, leading tax lawyer Jillian Welch, and health sciences researcher and professor Sara Kreindler, who has also distinguished herself as a songwriter and performer.

In alphabetical order
* = deceased

Mr. Simon Abrahamson* [BA/1912, LLB/1914]
Mr. Robert J. Adams [BA(Hons)/1970]
Mr. C. A. Adamson*
Dr. Hector J. M. Allard* [BA/1924, MA/1926, LLD/1971]
Prof. D. Trevor Anderson [BA/1959]
Mr. F. Hedley Auld [BSc(ME)/1976]
Miss Melissa A. G. Bailey [BSc(Hons)/2011]
Mr. J R. Beattie* [BA/1930]
Dr. Stuart E. Beech* [BA/1904, MD/1911]
Mr. Brian T. Bohunicky [BA(Hons)/1988]
Mr. Lawrence C. Bonnycastle* [BA/1929]
Mr. Scott D. Boyd [BSc(Hons)/1992]
Dr. N F. Cantor* [BA(Hons)/1951]
Dr. William T. Cave* [BSc(Hons)/1939]
Mr. Hart D. Clark* [BA(Hons)/1935]
Mr. Robert A. Coke* [BA/1970, MA/1973]
Dr. James E. Coyne*, OM [BA(Hons)/1931, LLD/1961]
Mr. John M. Coyne* [BA(Hons)/1940]
Mr. Neill E. Currie* [BSc/1942]
Dr. Adriaan De Hoog [BSc/1967]
Prof. Alfred Ewart* [BA/1912]
Mr. Avrum Fenson [BA(Hons)/1968]
Mr. J. Ross Francis [BA(Hons)/1952]
Mr. Gilbert A. Friesen* [BA(Hons)/1960]
Dr. David A. Golden*, OC [LLB/1941, LLD/1986]
Dr. John K. Gordon*, CM [BA/1920, LLD/1981]
Mr. Tyler M. Grant [BSc(BioE)/2010]
Mr. Mark A. Hearson [BSc(CE)/2012]
Dr. Arnold D. P. Heeney*, CC [BA/1921, MA/1923, LLD/1950]
Mr. Howard R. L. Henry* [BA/1908]
Dr. Morley D. Hollenberg [BSc(Hons)/1963, MSC/1964]
Mr. Frank G. Hooton [BA/1942]
Dr. Claudia D. Hudspeth [MD/1999]
Mr. William B. Hurd* [BA/1913]
Mr. John E. Hutchings* [BA(Hons)/1973, CA/1981]
Mr. Erskine W. Ireland* [BA/1915, LLB/1923]
Dr. Prabhat K. S. Jha, OC [MD/1988]
Mr. Arthur W. Johnson* [BA/1922]
Mr. Skuli Johnson* [BA/1913, MA/1917]
Mr. Frank W. O. Jones* [BA(Hons)/1934]
Mr. Raed A. Joundi [BSc/2007]
Mr. Baruch Knei-Paz [BA/1960, MA/1961]
Mr. Henry Koschitzky [BScEP/1958]
Dr. Sara A. Kreindler [BA(Hons)/1999]
Mr. Francis B. Lamont* [BA/1953, LLB/1960]
Mr. R. W. Lawson*, OC [BA/1938]
Miss Aleksandra M. Leligdowicz [BSc/2002]
Dr. Morley S. Lougheed* [BA/1912, MD/1917, CM/1917]
Dr. Daniel T. Lussier [BSc(ME)/2005]
Dr. Peyton V. Lyon* [BA/1949]
Mr. Donald MacGregor*
Mr. John MacLean KC* [BA/1904]
Mr. Warren E. Magnusson [BA(Hons)/1967]
Ms. Akosua M. Matthews [BA(Hons)/2006]
Mr. James C. Matthews
Dr. Frederick J. McLean* [MD/1941]
Mr. John R. McLean [BA/1926, MA/1927]
Mr. Andrew H. Miller* [BA/1906]
Mr. Daniel A. B. Molgat [BComm/1955]
Dr. F. W. Orde Morton [BA/1961, BA(Hons)/1963]
Dr. William L. Morton*, OC [BA/1932, DLITT/1967]
Mr. Robert J. Moyse* [BA/1945]
Mr. William Nason* [BA/1912, LLB/1920]
Prof. William F. W. Neville [BA(Hons)/1963]
Dr. William Norrie*, CM, OM, QC, LLD [BA/1950, LLB/1955, LLD/1993]
Dr. Davide Panagia [BA(Hons)/1993]
Mr. Marcello Panagia [BSc(Maj)/1998]
Mr. Wilson D. Parasiuk [BA(Hons)/1965, MA/1966]
Mr. Thomas E. Patterson [BA(Hons)/1982]
Mr. Edward B. Pitblado* [BA/1920, LLB/1926]
Mr. Joseph B. Reid* [BSc(Hons)/1935]
Miss Jody R. Reimer [BA(Adv)/2011]
Mr. Graham J. Reynolds [BA/2002]
Ms. Annette Riziki [BA(Hons)/2018]
Dr. Wm J. Rose* [BA/1905]
Mr. John P. Schioler [BA(Hons)/1956]
Dr. Daniel H. Selchen [BA(Hons)/1971, MD/1980]
Mr. Eldon R. Siddall* [BA/1911]
Dr. Samir Sinha [BSc(Med)/2002]
Ms. Debra K. A. Slade [BA/1978, MA/1981]
Mr. Philip W. Slayton [BA(Hons)/1965]
Ms. Lisa M. Smirl* [BA(Hons)/1997]
The Honourable C R. Smith* [BA/1916, LLB/1923, LLD/1968]
Mr. Murray R. Smith*, OM [BA/1950, BEd/1956, MEd/1979]
Dr. Graham Spry*, CC [BA/1922]
Mr. Graham J. Steele [BA/1984]
Mr. Kerry J. Stirton [BA(Hons)/1985]
Mr. George P. Tallin*, QC [BA/1916, LLB/1923, LLD/1969]
Mr. John M. Teakles* [BA/1936]
The Honourable Joseph T. Thorson* [BA/1910, LLB/1920, LLD/1958]
Mr. Thomas Z. S. Toles [BA(Hons)/2013]
Mr. David M. Turnbull* [BA/1928]
Mr. Boris W. Tyzuk [LLB/1979]
Mr. Paul E. Vogt [BA(Hons)/1983]
Ms. Jillian M. Welch [BSc/1979]
Mr. R I. W. Westgate* [BA/1924]
Dr. Gregory J. Wilson [BSc(EE)/1969]
Dr. Carl A. Winkler* [BSc(Hons)/1930, MSC/1931, DSC/1965]
Ms. Alexa R. Yakubovich [BA(Hons)/2013]

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