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Take control of your health!

Starting university this fall? Living in student residence? New to Manitoba? Ensure you have all the education on vaccinations you need to feel empowered in your health decisions!

August 11, 2023 — 

Whether this is your first or fifth year of university, if you are living in residence or commuting- students should have access to information to help make informed decisions about their health while on campus. Maintaining our health and wellbeing is a key component to academic success. Building healthier habits like getting enough sleep, nutrition, and movement are all helpful steps in preventing illness. In addition, vaccines are one of the safest and most effective health interventions and a primary response against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Curious about vaccines? Now more than ever, it is easier to get information about vaccinations on the University of Manitoba Health and Wellness website. Here you can find information on vaccine recommendations and immunization schedules, coverage, and access specific to Manitoba, as well as education related to Meningitis B symptoms and treatment.

Vaccines can protect against illnesses that, if infected, could affect you throughout the semester!

Luckily illnesses like the flu, COVID-19, and Meningitis B, all have vaccinations that can help prevent the contraction and severity of illness. While many of us are aware of the flu and COVID-19, Meningitis B is a rare but severe infection that can present as flu-like symptoms. Whenever you get sick, it is important to be aware and monitor the common symptoms of meningitis and see a healthcare provider if needed.

University students are encouraged to be aware of symptoms and measures to prevent illness such as vaccine recommendations. University students commonly share living arrangements and exhibit behaviors like living in close proximity with others, sharing drinks, or kissing. These behaviours can increase one’s vulnerability of contracting specific illnesses (like Meningitis B).

Awareness and education are a key to health empowerment. The University of Manitoba nor the Government of Manitoba requires individuals to have every vaccination available, however students should feel empowered and encouraged to take vaccine information to their primary healthcare provider and make the best decision that is best for them.

To stay informed about vaccines and Meningitis B, be sure to visit the UM Health and Wellness Page

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