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Student Success Week Spotlight: Sheri Shorting

As part of Student Success Week, we are featuring UM students who have a story to tell about their experiences navigating the challenges of student life.

February 28, 2024 — 

Sheri Shorting was born in Winnipeg, MB, and is a member of Little Saskatchewan First Nations Reservation. Sheri is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Health Studies, with a concentration in Family Health and a minor in Indigenous Studies. She also works at Career Services as the Indigenous Student Career Services Advisor.

Sheri Shorting | Indigenous Student Career Services Advisor, Career Services

Sheri Shorting | Indigenous Student Career Services Advisor, Career Services

Has anything unplanned or unexpected happened during your studies? How did you handle it?

During my academic journey, I’ve encountered many unexpected life events that presented both challenges and opportunities for growth as a university student. There were moments when these events seemed like obstacles, impacting my academic performance and balance. As my journey progressed, I learned to utilize the support and resources provided on campus to all students. Resources like academic tutors, advisors, and a range of various support services were readily available. These invaluable supports played a pivotal role throughout my undergraduate experience and had helped me navigate these unexpected events.

We all have uncertainties about our future. What is your tip or trick for handling the unknown?

One valuable tip I have for navigating the unknown is to embrace it. Your university journey will undoubtedly present many challenges and opportunities, each contributing to your growth and development as a university student. Uncertainty is a part of the university process, and it is okay not to hold all the answers right away. Embracing uncertainty will allow you to adapt and learn from new experiences. Furthermore, be compassionate and patient with yourself as you navigate through the ups and downs of your academic career.

What helps you balance all the aspects of your life as a student?

The theme that helped balance all the aspects within my life as a full-time student was learning how to prioritize self-care and wellness to avoid burnout. There were moments when I feared that taking a break would jeopardize my academic performance or hinder my progress. However, I soon realized that taking time to recharge was crucial for maintaining balance across all aspects of my life, including academics, volunteering, and work-life harmony.

What message do you have for new or returning sudents when it comes to being successful at the University and in life?

One piece of advice I have for both new and returning students is to actively participate in campus communities and resources. By doing so, you’ll discover invaluable friendships, support systems, resources, and develop a profound sense of belonging. Drawing from my own experience as an Indigenous student, active engagement within these communities played a pivotal role in my undergraduate journey. Through involvement in various student groups such as The University of Manitoba’s Indigenous Students’ Association (UMISA), I not only forged lifelong friendships but also encountered numerous opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery.

What do you find most exciting when you think of the future?

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Health Studies degree with a concentration in family health and a minor in Indigenous studies. Upon completion, I am excited about advancing my education through a graduate program, whether it be medical school or pursuing a master’s degree in social work with a focus on Indigenous Knowledges. There is still much to discover and learn, and I eagerly anticipate embracing the challenges and opportunities presented in these academic and professional environments.

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