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Skills for Success: Invest in Yourself

UM has partnered with BioTalent Canada to offer students access to a suite of courses

September 24, 2023 — 

Students! Are you looking for free ways to improve your skillset and make you more employable? Would you like to update the information on your resume? Want to distinguish yourself from other candidates for upcoming opportunities? There’s no need to go elsewhere – BioTalent Canada has you covered!

Last year over 60 students did over 200 courses that validated their learning and demonstrates to employers that they have the skills needed for today’s labour market. Once again, UM has partnered with BioTalent Canada to offer UM students the opportunity to register for a suite of courses that help students to develop both technical and essential skills for the workplace. Most courses take about one hour to complete and offer the chance to put what is learnt into practice by looking at real-life work scenarios.

The Skills for Success course series from BioTalent Canada is intended to give you the knowledge and abilities you need to contribute, adapt and succeed in the workplace. These courses include bio-economy fundamentals, reading, writing, numeracy proficiency, document use, communication, collaboration, and problem solving. These online courses include:

  • an introduction to each essential skill and demonstration of its importance in the bio-economy,
  • a presentation of strategies to help develop the skill,
  • provide opportunities for practice, and
  • give learners an opportunity to track their progress through a pre- and post-assessment of each course. Whether you are interested in working in the Bioscience sector or not, all students can benefit from these courses since they’re the skills most sought after by employers in Canada

You also have two options to get these courses recognized:

  • the Experience Record (previously known as the Co-Curricular Record); and
  • the BioTalent Ready certificate.

University of Manitoba students who complete the Writing, Numeracy, Communication, Collaboration, and Problem solving from the Skills for Success suite of BioTalent courses are eligible to have it recognized on their Experience Record. 

As a student in STEM and enrolling in the suite of technical skill courses, you can advance your knowledge of producing scientific reports, working in a lab or factory, quality assurance and quality control and clinical practice. If you complete complete all 13 courses offered by BioTalent you will receive a BioTalent Ready certificate. Employers in the Bioscience field recognize this certificate and seek out applicants who have it. What better way to help secure the job of your dreams? 

Whether you are interested in working in a scientific field or not, you can benefit from taking one (or all) the suite of courses.

What are you waiting for? Register today!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students have access to these courses via their University of Manitoba email, by using the coupon code: umanitoba_courses.
Courses can be accessed at 
Training Programs Archive – BioTalent Canada.  It is important for students to know that they only have one chance to register for courses.  It is strongly recommended to register for all the courses, as you cannot go back to re-register. You are not penalized in any way if you do not complete all your registered courses.

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