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Stepping up security: University of Manitoba transitions to Entra MFA

January 22, 2024 — 
The University of Manitoba is committed to providing the best technological services to students, faculty and staff. In line with this commitment, we are excited to announce a significant change in our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) service from Duo to Entra MFA. Staff and faculty will make the transition at the end of this month, and the transition for students will take effect on February 26, 2024.

Information Services and Technology News

Online shopping: A guide to safety and security

December 15, 2023 — 
With a vast selection of products just a click away, it's no wonder that more and more of us are flocking to the Internet to satisfy our shopping needs, especially during the holidays. However, along with the convenience, there are challenges to navigate.

Two people working at a laptop with a woman pointing something out on the screen.

Information Services and Technology News

Banner Administration pages upgrade coming this January 2024

December 8, 2023 — 
Banner Administration Pages & Aurora Self Service will be upgraded to the latest version from January 5, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. to January 8, 2024, at 8:00 a.m. This upgrade will bring important security enhancements and focus on improving the quality of the Administration Pages & Aurora Self Service. It also includes changes to support the tax year 2022.

Information Services and Technology News

Microsoft Entra Multifactor Authentication (MFA) replacing Duo MFA on January 29, 2024

December 1, 2023 — 
As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest level of security for our students, faculty, and staff, the university will transition from Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Entra MFA on January 29, 2024, for staff and faculty, and on February 26, 2024, for all students.

Information Services and Technology News

Feel confident using your electronic classroom this winter

November 21, 2023 — 
IST hosting demonstrations on installed classroom and portable audiovisual equipment.

Information Services and Technology News

New Introduction to Records and Information Management course available

November 10, 2023 — 
Records management and information security are related. At the university, we manage records and information so we can find, use, share and protect them. Is your filing strategy a precarious pile on the corner of your desk? Is your filing cabinet so crammed that opening it is like a workout? Does finding a file on your shared drive involve such a detailed investigation into who last saved what that you feel like Sherlock Holmes when you find the final FINAL draft?

Information Services and Technology News

New Microsoft Teams for Education is coming

November 6, 2023 — 
In October, Microsoft announced that the Teams for Education app is being re-designed on a foundation of speed, performance, and flexibility and has now launched as Microsoft Teams for Education. Beginning November 2, a small circle with EA (Early Access) may appear by your profile picture in Teams, and a "Try the new Teams" toggle appears in the top left corner of Teams. Activating the toggle will install the new Teams on your device, allowing you to experiment.

Information Services and Technology News

Avoid missing important messages!

October 30, 2023 — 
Your Microsoft Outlook email account has a Junk Email folder that filters out spam and phishing messages. This feature can help you keep your inbox clean and organized, but it also has some drawbacks. Sometimes, legitimate messages from senders you trust may end up in the Junk Email folder by mistake.

Information Services and Technology News

United we secure! Harnessing our collective strength for data protection

October 20, 2023 — 
This month, we reviewed several ways to improve our cyber security fitness. We looked at how to strengthen our password game and how to practice cyber self-defence using prevention methods.

Information Services and Technology News

Master the art of cyber self-defence

October 16, 2023 — 
According to self-defence experts, prevention can be the best protection. For example, locking the car doors after entering your vehicle is one way to practice "habitual security." Another way is to always be aware of your environment. This means knowing the areas in which you might be the most vulnerable. We can apply the same concept to our devices and data.

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