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Student Success Month

UM Students Prerna Sharma and Chloe Dreilich-Girard

Shared experiences: Take advantage of UM student supports

By connecting with UM community, two students found academic success

October 22, 2021 — 

Services and programs offered at UM have helped students thrive on and off campus for years. As we celebrate Student Success Month this October, we are highlighting student success stories as examples of how the UM community can support you.

Prerna Sharma and Chloe Dreilich-Girard are students who have not only received support in their studies, but also made the best of their university experiences. From adjusting to their first year in university, to planning the best course of action for their career plans after graduation, several services and resources offered at UM have helped them prepare for their futures.

“There are many useful tools to help students navigate and explore different opportunities within the university community as students prepare for their career,” says Sharma. “These resources have been crucial in helping me navigate university, knowing what my options are and pursuing my goals.” 

Sharma, a Faculty of Science student, recalls her appointment with an Academic Learning Centre tutor when she wrote her first paper in university. When she was feeling uncertain about her approach to writing the paper, the tutor helped her get organized for an assignment of that nature. Similarly, Faculty of Arts student Dreilich-Girard connected with a tutor for help with a statistics course, and doing so led her to a well-deserved grade that she was proud of. Above all, the tutors’ kindness stands out the most in both students’ memories.

Academic advisors have been instrumental to Sharma and Dreilich-Girard’s academic journeys. Having the opportunity to discuss courses required for your degree and verifying your progress as a student can make a significant difference when mapping out your post-secondary education.

“If it had not been for connecting with an advisor early on, and staying connected, it’s hard to say if I would be where I am today,” says Dreilich-Girard. “Not only can advisors help you ensure you take the right courses for your degree, but they can also share opportunities with you on and off campus that will benefit you now and in the future.”

At the same time, the overall student experience goes beyond academic success. Many units and departments at UM create opportunities that broaden your horizons.

Student Life provided Sharma with information about events and ways to get involved on campus, while connecting with Career Consultants from Career Services provided her with guidance on career planning and employment opportunities. Dreilich-Girard has also worked with the First Year Centre as a student before fulfilling the role of a student leader on campus as part of the University 1 Student Council

Sharma and Dreilich-Girard both have unique experiences that have and continue to shape their success throughout their academic journeys. While each student has their own goals, and success may have a different definition for someone else, many resources and services are available to help you get there.

See the full schedule of events taking place in celebration of Student Success Month, and learn about even more ways to receive support within the UM community.

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