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It’s your career and you’re the main character

November 20, 2020 — 

You’re the main character in a really fabulous career story.  So how do you make it a story you love?

Focus on character development. Since you’re the main character of this story, you need to take the time to develop into who you want to be professionally. In fiction, the protagonist grows through experience. Your career story is no different. If you aren’t sure who you are yet, the way to find out is to explore. Volunteer, take classes, find a new job, attend networking events. Career Month is full of virtual ways to engage in your career and invest in your character development.

And for those of you with a strong sense of self, give yourself room to grow. Put yourself in new circumstances, seize opportunities that come your way, and pay attention to what those experiences are telling you about who you are and want you want in your life.

Take control of the story. Your career is under your control: you have the power to author the next chapter. Sometimes, particularly when we feel stressed or overwhelmed, we can fall into a passive pattern in our lives where we are simply conquering the next item on our to-do list instead of envisioning how these actions are building the larger picture of our careers. If you don’t like the way things are going, change them. And if you feel unsure how to do this, ask for help. Career Consultants are experts at helping students imagine next steps and take charge of their career.

Rise above. And when things aren’t going as planned (and what good story doesn’t have a little tension) – you have the ability to rise above. A story (or a life, honestly) can’t happen without a conflict and resolution.

The pandemic has certainly dished us up some juicy career challenges, changing the way we work and learn while also transforming the landscape of the labour market as some industries grow and others are experiencing reductions. Some people are temporarily sidelined from the labour market. This isn’t easy for anyone.

Every career has its ups and downs. This is where you need to ask for help, get relevant information, and begin to overcome whatever struggle is currently before you. Sometimes a little creativity, good advice, a mindset shift, and the support of a Career Consultant can help you to feel less alone while also invigorating you to rise to the challenge.

Your career story will have twists and turns. And when you’re in the middle of the action, it can sometimes feel difficult to make sense of it all or envision what you want to happen next. That’s where your Career Consultant comes in. We are excellent listeners and we often notice themes you might not see for yourself at first. Connect, tell us your story, and together we can help you build the narrative of who you are and explore what comes next.

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