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Q&A with residence coordinator

What is life like when you call the University of Manitoba campus home?

August 18, 2014 — 

Living on campus is a unique and exciting way to experience life as a student, and the day is approaching when our newest batch of residents arrive to the University of Manitoba. UM Today spoke with Heather Beckstead, the residence program and community standards coordinator at the U of M to learn the basics of living on campus.

UMT: What is life like in residence? What is the community like?

HB: Student Residences – is community living at its best!  With over 1,300 students choosing to live on campus each year, the ways of getting to know people are almost endless!

Resident Advisors and Residence Councils work to foster a positive and enriching environment for students who live as part of their community.

There is always something going on in residence – whether you are looking to get people together to form a study group, find out volunteer opportunities or just wanting to hang out in the lounge with the people on your floor.  RA’s and Council Members hold a variety of programs throughout the year to get students involved.

UMT: How are the different residences different from each other?

HB: Mary Speechly Hall and University College Residence each have a mix of single and double rooms.

Pembina Hall is our newest Residence – it opened in 2011 – and each student has their own bathroom.

Arthur V. Mauro is geared towards upper year students with units containing 2 bedrooms (with a double bed in each room as opposed the single beds in other residences) and a kitchenette.

Although our four residences each have their own character, different layouts and amenities, each one has its own sense of community and team pride. Students from each building compete as a team at various events throughout the year for the coveted Spirit Cup..

UM Today: What are some of the things that a student should have when moving into residence?

HB: What you bring to residence depends a lot on you – and what you would like to make your room feel more like home. Residence rooms are already equipped with furniture, but you will need to supply your own bedding (80” long sheets, pillow, pillow case, comforter, etc), towels and amenities.  We suggest that you check out the Student Residences “What to Bring and Not to Bring” list at for additional items that you may choose to bring with you.  PLEASE NOTE:  Students moving into Arthur V. Mauro and Pembina Hall Residence are required to bring their own toilet paper.

UMT: What is the food like on campus? Is it healthy and delicious?

HB: There are a lot of fabulous options of places to eat on campus – including our very own “Fresh Food Company” – otherwise known as the Pembina Hall Dining Hall.  Depending on which building you will be living in you will have a meal plan (with the exception of Arthur Mauro – in which meal plans are optional) – for University College Residence, this means that you have a declining balance card that you can use at various outlets on campus, and for students living in Pembina Hall and Mary Speechly Residences the majority of your meals will be in the Pembina Hall Dining Hall, however you will also have some “Food Bucks” that can be spent at various other University of Manitoba Food Services Locations (including Subway, Starbucks and Tim Hortons).

UMT: Can students decorate their room?

HB: Absolutely! This will be your home for the next eight months, it is important that it is a space that you feel comfortable in! Please be mindful that when you leave the room needs to be in the same condition as when you arrived, so posters and pictures attached to the walls need to be done so with either sticky tack or masking tape as to not damage the walls.

If you want to learn more about living on campus, visit


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