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Win Blue Bomber tickets!

September 18, 2015 — 

The university is launching its Front and Centre fundraising campaign at Investors Group Field and we want you to be there!

On Saturday, October 3, the U of M community will take over the halftime show at the Winnipeg Blue Bombers game against Edmonton to publicly launch the Front and Centre campaign. The stadium will be awash with brown and gold as students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members gather for a unique celebration.

Want to be part of the celebration? We are giving away family four-packs of tickets for the game. All you need to do is comment below and tell us one of your favourite U of M memories.

What was your favourite class? Did you have a memorable professor? Did you attend any special events? Add your comment below and you could win tickets!


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16 comments on “Win Blue Bomber tickets!

  1. Richard Warkentin

    I graduated with a Degree in Agriculture in 1979. I was at the University to learn. I lived off campus in a private home and paid for accommodation and lunch and breakfast every day. I had to take care of my own dinner.
    My favorite memory is the schedule that I had at that time. After my last class or lab I would go to the gym and have a workout and sauna, then have dinner, and then go to the Science Library to study until closing (10:00PM) I would then walk across the golf course back to the house.

  2. Erin Haluschak

    Volunteering and then working at The Manitoban newspaper is one of my favourite memories; there was a lot of late night editing and laying out the paper just in time for deadline and heading out into UMSU and then off to class blearily-eyed but very caffeinated in time for class!

  3. Claude Arnaud

    My best class was Intro to physical geography. I can’t remember the teachers name but he made class fun and kept us interested.

  4. Erika

    One of favorite memories from the U of M was a branding class I took in the summer with professor Wang. She’s quite a memorable professor with her personality and demeanour. It was a tough course but I really enjoyed the case based learning. It taught me a lot and the cases expanded my knowledge on a large variety of companies/brands I was and wasn’t familiar with. Great class!

  5. Colette scott

    One of my favourite moments at the U. Of M was doing role plays with the other students and for the professor. This was very interesting, fun and valuable lesson as a Counsellor.

  6. Colette scott

    My favourite moment was doing role plays in the classroom . The Applied Counselling Program was very interesting, challenging, and interactive.

  7. Joann James

    U of Manitoba was home away from home to me. Being an international student when I first came – the International Centre for Students welcomed us with open arms. My first memory was going for an orientation picnic and someone telling me that the story of Winnie the Pooh was from Winnipeg – I was so excited. I wanted everyone to have a similar experience and the UMSU was able to make that happen by allowing us to start our own student group – University of Manitoba Malaysian student association – and it helped us make others feel at home at the University and in Winnipeg. I loved my time as a University student – spending time in my department and also at various positions I held over time at the University – with the student union, as one of the first people to be employed to start the Student Group Resource Centre and many more. Being a part of St. Paul’s college and the community there was a big part of my life when I was still at the University and I am very proud to say that it still is to this very day. Just too many fond memories – I wouldn’t know where to begin…

  8. Alon Weinberg

    I loved Chris Trott’s Native Studies course: Colonialism, Missionaries, & Aboriginal Peoples. Every week, a new encounter between a different church group and a different Indigenous nation was read and studied, and no two were alike. Fascinating historical and epistemic perspective on this pattern of intervention in another people’s culture.

  9. Geri Porath

    I feel fortunate to have been a U of M Home Economics and Education grad. Seven years of memories in all, but the most special one is that of the North End nursery school program my class group and I were responsible for developing, implementing, and operating, with Dr. Imogene McIntire in the Early Childhood Education Program as our mentor.

  10. Kathy Niziol

    My favorite UofM moments are actually every September when the students arrive, the campus is buzzing with noise, music, activities, and the vibe is like no other!! The excitement is everywhere! It’s a great place for students, faculty and staff!

    Kathy Niziol

  11. Janice Tilly

    My favorite class was Community Development with Colleen Plumton in Kinesiology & Recreation Management. She taught the class in a sharing circle format – this created community within and outside the classroom. She is inspirational and innovative – plus she has a great sense of humor! Her classes were always enjoyable.

  12. Brent Epp

    Gathering with friends for lunch at the Greenhouse Café was always a highlight of my day. It’s nice to see it hasn’t changed much. Surprisingly (to me) a favourite class was introductory Shakespeare with Professor Cowie. Brent Epp (B.Ed. 95, M.Ed. 2015)

  13. Jennifer Wolfe

    I enjoyed being at the University as part of a young, vibrant community during important events like the Quebec referendum, the professor strike and the infamous OJ Simpson verdict.

  14. Suzy

    I will never forget dressing up in outrageous Mardi Gras costumes, and serving Pancakes for a yearly special event, at St. Paul’s College!

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