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Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

September 23, 2015 — 

Halftime at the Winnipeg Blue Bombers game on October 3 is sure to be a lively celebration of our province, as the University of Manitoba will publicly launch the Front and Centre campaign. With only 10 days remaining, we want to ensure the university community can be a part of the celebration.

The best way to join in the fun is to be at the game. There are a number of ways you can win great prizes and take part in the party:

  • Attending the game? Wear brown and gold! The U of M street team will be handing out thousands of scarfs to people wearing brown and gold.
  • Want Bomber tickets? Watch social media! Over the next 10 days we are giving away tickets on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Watch those channels for new ways to enter.
  • More Bomber tickets! Enter the contest below for your chance at a draw for Bomber tickets!

Contest Details:

In the comment section below tell us what do you love most about the U of M?

Contest closed. Thanks to everyone who entered.


18 comments on “Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

  1. Marie J.

    What I love most about uManitoba is that the drive up Chancellor Matheson is like pulling into the drive way at home. No matter how long you have been away, it always feels like home!

    Marie Jivan
    B.Comm (Hon)

  2. Kali

    Do I have to pick just one thing? I am a U of M student-turned-staff. I am grateful to work for a company that can offer me flexibility in raising my young family 🙂

  3. Kasey Morgan

    What I love most about U of M is how our community strives to be inclusive and accessible to all. We welcome everyone and celebrate diversity.

  4. Moein

    1. It has the largest recreation facilities of any school I have ever seen.

    2. From a new student perspective, staffs are extremely helpful in process of settling down.

    3. Main corners to sit and do your stuff, from fancy and modern to cozy places.

    4. There is always something happening, and if you have time you can find something to do.

  5. Laura K

    My favourite thing about the University of Manitoba is the size. There are few enough people that you can really stand out if you try, but big enough that it feels like a city of its own!

  6. Viridiana Urena Ramirez

    My favourite thing about UofM is that I am proud to call it my second home, I have lived on campus since 2009, the UC is my food court, the gym is my playground, the buildings and libraries are my study area and everyone around is part of my extended family.

  7. Viridiana Urena Ramirez

    My favourite thing about UofM is that it is my second home, I have lived here since 2009, residence means a lot to me I live in St Johns, UC is my shopping centre, the gym is my playground, the faculty buildings are my study area and all the people here are like my second family. I love UofM

  8. Jo Holness

    The UofM has been a part of my life for the past 30 years. Started out as a resident at SJC, got my degree, met my husband, made lots of friends with whom I’m still in touch. I’ve watched this place transform into the place it is today (complete with geese!), and I wouldn’t have missed it. I now am an employee of the university and I can say that is by far the best place I’ve worked. It has a small town feel that makes me feel at home here. My life wouldn’t have been the same without it. Thank you, UofM!

  9. Richard F

    I love the multiculturalism of the University of Manitoba!! You can meet people from several different countries every single day and learn so much from each other while we all pursue a common goal of higher education.

  10. edna

    What I love about the University of Manitoba, is easily accessible, offers a variety of everything, have made friends, produces excellent athletes, scientists, researchers, and of course we can’t forget the future students at play centre (Mini U daycare)

  11. Kathy Niziol

    What I love about the University of Manitoba is the Fall time, when all the students come back, or arrive on the campus. It is so full of life, events, hustle and bustle. So much to do, and it is a great place for students/faculty and staff!!!!

  12. Lance Nelson

    What I love about the University of Manitoba is the multi-ethnicity/culture of both her students and staff. A great way to influence the world is to know the way in which many nations think, learn, and respond. We’ve got that right here.

  13. DW

    What don’t I love about the University would be a much shorter list.

    I started out as a student here in 1972, met a girl in my Calculus class whose Mom worked out here, worked for her for the fall registration in 1973 and have been working here ever since. That first boss is still one of my dearest friends today. The friendships I have made in the over 40 years on this Fort Gary Campus are real treasures to me.

    I’m on my 5th president, have outlived a few buildings, and had hoped that at least one of my children would have graduated at my U of M, but like me, they found great jobs they love before they had a chance to graduate. I guess the closest I will get to receiving a degree is volunteering every year as a student orientation meeter and greeter bringing new kids to me, in the hopes that I will retain some of their knowledge by osmosis.

    MY building and MY campus have been home to me even before I met my husband and raised our 5 kids. Where else could you work in a place you call home and feel like you know everyone in its little village? Volunteering at the Pan Am Games in 1999 past my due date for my last child was another special time in my life. This year the University offered me a voluntary early retirement package to leave a job that I love. Having a new grand daughter that is not even 3 weeks old yet, I figured it was time for some new blood to taste the smorgasbord of events on campus. I love my job, my co-workers, that I call my friends, and MY campus, that I will miss until I visit every chance I get.

    Live long and prosper U of M.

  14. Deepti

    My favourite quality about U of M is its Unity in Diversity…we can how ppl from Different cultures from all around the world study and share and help each other.and also U of M helps us maintain or academic well being along with fun and entertainment happenings..

  15. Oladesu Olusola Israel

    My favourite thing about U of M since I arrived three weeks ago is that it welcomes diversity.

    I am black; I see other people from other cultures here and I believe this helps to broaden one’s perspective about life. And it is now I understand the word ‘global’. When one meets people across the globe, live with them, study with them and share with them, you see your differences and find that common thing that links you together: a sound University education and our responsibility to one another as human beings.

    I appreciate the exposure I have gotten so far and I am looking forward to better days.

    UofM! Up Bison!

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