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Graduate award winners 2015 with dean David Mandzuk.

Multiple award winners Angela O’Brien-Klewchuk (l.) and Allyson Regier (r.) are congratulated after convocation by David Mandzuk, dean of Education. Both graduated With Distinction. O'Brien-Klewchuk also won the university Gold Medal along with several other awards, while Regier won the Educational Alumni Scholarship and several other prizes.

New group of Education graduates celebrate their success

Convocation for students held on May 27; many attended celebration afterward

May 29, 2015 — 
Jaylene Hoffman won the Bessie Turner  Memorial Prize for the greatest promise in teaching.

Jaylene Hoffman won the Bessie Turner Memorial Prize for the greatest promise in teaching.

All those hours and weeks of hard work paid off this week, as students from the Bachelor, Master’s and PhD programs celebrated their graduation from the Faculty of Education.

The official ceremony was held at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, May 27.

After the convocation, many graduates gathered in Room 200, in the Education Building to enjoy conversation, food and drink with fellow graduands, family and faculty.

Several award winners who attended congratulated in person by faculty, staff and David Mandzuk, dean of the faculty. B.Ed. graduate Angela O’Brien-Klewchuk won numerous prizes for academic achievement, including the University Gold Medal, the Manitoba Government Prize in Education and the Truesdale Medal and Prize. Allyson Regier won the Educational Alumni Scholarship, the UMSU Scholarship top 10% GPA and the Financial Aid & Awards Merit Scholarship.

Several other students won multiple awards as well. For more, please see Complete list of Education award winners.

The largest group of graduates were in the B.Ed. program, with more than 200 receiving their certificates on Wednesday.


PhD, Master and PBDE students

Below is a complete list of the  PhD, Master of Education, and PBDE students who have completed their programs in the Faculty of Education. Congrats to all!

PhD graduates


Helen Lepp Friesen

Helen Lepp Friesen

Helen Lepp Friesen

Title of Thesis: “Surrounded by all these Contradictions”: Every Day Culture Shock in Culturally Diverse Post-Secondary Classrooms

Co-Advisors: Dr. Charlotte Enns and Dr. Deborah Schnitzer

John James Murray

John James Murray

John James Murray

Title of Thesis: The Logic of Consensus on the Foundations for Science Education in Canada – A Delphi Study

Advisor: Dr. Don Metz

Master of Education Program        

Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning – Dr. Francine Morin, Head

Master of Education Thesis-Based Graduates:

Corinna Lynn Campbell

Thesis: The Role of Children’s Everyday Cultures in Schooled Literacy Practices

Advisor: Dr. Wayne Serebrin


Paul Michael Doyle

Thesis: Twitter and Professional Development for Educators

Advisor: Dr. Richard Hechter


Cheryle Kathleen Isaac

Thesis: The Relationship Between Morning Physical Activity and Student Engagement in an Elementary School Setting

Advisor: Dr. Catherine Casey


Samuel Leon Jerema

Thesis: Re-Evaluating Literacy with Image in Mind: An Action Research Project Exploring the Affordances of Wordless and Image-Rich Books in a Grade Five Classroom

Advisor: Dr. Gregory Bryan


Minji Kim

Thesis: Heritage Language Loss, Maintenance, and Cultural Adaptation Among Korean Immigrant Families

Advisor: Dr. Clea Schmidt


Simone Eunice Kirwan

Thesis: When EAL and SNE Hook Up: An Analysis of Selected Manitoba Curriculum Documents

Advisor: Dr. Sandra Kouritzin


Joyce Albina Mary McCallum

Thesis: Using Case Study Instructional Methodology in High School Biology: Its Effect on Cognitive Engagement and Critical Thinking Skills

Advisor: Dr. Barbara McMillan


Tannys Moffatt

Thesis: Environmental Education: One Teacher’s Journey

Advisor: Dr. Brian Lewthwaite


Allison Laureen Moore

Thesis: Capturing Serendipitous Moments in the Life/Work of an Artist/Teacher

Advisor: Dr. Joanna Black


Marnie Leigh Paterson

Thesis: Writing Work as Social Practice: Examining Instructional Conversations Within a Reading Recovery® Lesson

Advisor: Dr. Gregory Bryan


Barbara Jane Shearer

Thesis: Stories of an Evolving Understanding of Literacy by a Teacher, Mother, and Researcher

Co-Advisors: Dr. Sandra Kouritzin and Dr. Krystyna Baranowski


Lisa Johanna Wicklund Whiteside

Thesis: Experiences Working with High School Literacy Magazines: A Grounded Theory Study

Advisor: Dr. Michelle Honeyford


Master of Education Comprehensive Route Graduates:

Mary-Lynn Hepple Berti

Advisor: Dr. Francine Morin


Dan Chen

Advisor: Dr. Yi Li


Yunyi Chen

Advisor: Dr. Yi Li


Adrienne Cheryl Collins

Advisor: Dr. Brian Lewthwaite


Amanda Dawn Dubois

Advisor: Dr. Richard Hechter


Joanne Marie Girouard

Advisor: Dr. Krystyna Baranowski


Marni Nicole Kentner

Advisor: Dr. Michelle Honeyford


Ruth Louise McDonald

Advisor: Dr. Gregory Bryan


Tagreed Mohammed

Advisor: Dr. Ralph Mason


Ashley Christine Queen

Advisor: Dr. Francine Morin



Julye Dawn Rogoski

Advisor: Dr. Francine Morin


Holly Krystal Sorenson

Advisor: Dr. Sandra Kouritzin


Yvan Gerald St. Vincent

Advisor: Dr. Melanie Janzen


Frances Lynne Taylor

Advisor: Dr. Wayne Serebrin


Kyra Ruth Zimmer

Advisor: Dr. Charlotte Enns


Department of Educational Administration, Foundations & Psychology –

Dr. Jon Young, Acting Head

Master of Education Thesis-Based Graduates

Charles Gibao Bendu

Thesis: A Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Based Literature Circle (LC) Model: Effects on Higher-Order Reading Comprehension Skills and Student Engagement in Diverse Sixth-Eighth Grade Classrooms

Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Katz


Teresa Dylite Cavett

Thesis: The Stigmatization of Internationally Educated Family Medicine Residents at the University of Manitoba

Advisor: Dr. Robert Renaud


Brent Alan Epp

Thesis: How do Principals Support Implementation of an Inclusive School Reform?

Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Katz


Nicholas Kelly

Thesis: Leading Schools Impacted by Poverty: Case Studies from Three Winnipeg Schools

Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Young


Vernon Victor McMichael

Thesis: The Relationship Between Perceptions of Student Exposure to School Violence, School Safely and Marks in a Small Rural Manitoba School Division

Advisor: Dr. David Creamer


Eric Sagenes

Thesis: Filipino Immigration and Integration into the K-12 School System and the Host Community

Advisor: Dr. Nathalie Piquemal


Comprehensive Route Graduates:

Wayne Colin Antaya

Advisor: Dr. Ralph Mason


Sherri Kim Black

Advisor: Dr. Charlotte Enns


Irina Graeber

Advisor: Dr. Grace Ukasoanya


Jessica Kathleen Heminger

Advisor: Dr. Laara Fitznor


Monika Idzikowski

Advisor: Dr. Joanna Black


Laird Geoffrey Laluk

Advisor: Dr. Dawn Wallin


Brian Grant Locken

Advisor: Dr. Dawn Wallin


Mary Margaret Loewen

Advisor: Dr. Nathalie Piquemal


Linda Mary McPherson

Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Katz


Daisy Theodelinda Monias

Advisor: Dr. Zana Marie Lutfiyya


Matthew Michael Patrician

Advisor: Dr. Robert Renaud


Faculty of Education Post-Baccalaureate Diploma (PBDE) Graduates

Dr. Dawn Wallin, Associate Dean (Graduate & Professional Programs, and Research)


Kaela Marie Acheson

Patricia Lynne Atkinson

Kalee Janice Campbell

Franca Emilia DeLuca-Taronno

Mirjam Henrique Doek

Andrew Marc Duykers

Dustin Garett Dvorak

Deborah Wendy Dykstra

Matthew Jerrod Harkness

Erna Ruth Hastmann

Laura Lynn Kellough

Smita Khera

Adam John Klassen

Katherine Krueger-Petersen

Michelle Florence Labossiére

Steven Scott Lytwyn

Corley Dawn Magnusson-Tolton

Alexander Duncan McEachern

Ashley Lynn McLean

Lillian Cecile Muminawatum

Daniel Lorne Murphy

Andrew John Muys

Colleen Lori Neil

Joshua Nicholas Neufeld

Paul Kelvin Yap Ong

Kailey Elizabeth Mary Penner

Shawn Richard Porteous

Kristel Dawn Prejet

Colleen Danielle Prystenski

Lisa Lynn Ramsden

Rebecca Reynolds

Edwin Shaun Robb

Jennifer Lynn Ross

Claudia Joelle Sanderson

Vanessa Tamara Selman

Gerald James Sereda

Beth Franny Usiskin

Ryan Allen Vermette

Irma Virk

Kathi Lenore von Gunten Wiebe

Leanne Nicole Wall

Evelyn Patricia Zankowski



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  1. Paul Doyle

    FYI, my name is not Brent Alan Epp! Would be nice if Graduate Studies proofread their postings!…I did the thesis on Twitter and Professional Development for Educators for my Master in Education. Paul Doyle

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