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Four Asper Co-Op students and their mentor at standing around a desk and smiling in an office.

Asper co-op students with their mentor at the People Corporation (photo taken before COVID-19).

Five reasons to hire an Asper co-op student

Our Asper students are eager to get out into their fields and contribute to the business community. Each fall we have more than 100 students join our co-op program, making us one of the University of Manitoba’s largest co-operative education programs.

As an employer, you will have the opportunity to become a mentor to aspiring business students by contributing to their education outside of the classroom. Entrance to the Asper Co-op Program is competitive, which means your business will be hiring some of our top talent. Successful applicants will have been pre-screened and admitted to the program based on academics, professionalism, and communication skills.

In a survey sent to our summer 2020 employers, 100% of supervisors would recommend an Asper co-op student to their colleagues. If that doesn’t have you convinced, we’ve curated a list of our top five reasons to hire an Asper co-op student.

1) There’s funding available
Don’t let money be a barrier in hiring an Asper co-op student. Did you know that you can apply for funding up to $7,500? The Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) even has a variety of funding opportunities to hire students for experiential learning. We have created a list of wage subsidy options for future employers.

2) No office, no problem
With the new virtual workspace your geographic location matters less. From Vancouver, British Columbia to St. John’s, Newfoundland, our students can join your workspace from anywhere. While the Asper School of Business is based out of Winnipeg, many of our students are living outside of Manitoba’s capital while studies are virtual, meaning you might have a potential co-op student in your time zone.

While some businesses have transitioned into a virtual workspace, we understand that some have not. Asper co-op students can be physically present in your office or work environment assuming your company follows all mandated COVID-19 safety measures.

3) They bring a new perspective
When hiring a new employee, one of the benefits they bring is a fresh perspective. At the Asper School of Business, we pride ourselves on being leaders in our industry, ensuring our students are up-to-date on industry trends. Our students don’t shy away from learning, are eager to take on new tasks, and quickly adapt to our world’s changing technology. While they can bring a variety of skill sets to your workplace, what they are best known for is their willingness to learn from others.

4) It’s good for business
We understand the difficulties of staffing, which have been made even harder by the pandemic.  Your hiring practices are changing, staff are adapting to a virtual work place, and you need to find employees who fit with your work culture. When you hire a co-op student, your company can fill any temporary or short-term staffing gaps.

There’s also the added bonus of reducing your recruitment and training costs. If the co-op placement is a right fit for both parties, we often see employers extend a student’s term and sometimes offer them fulltime employment. This means you can skip the new employee onboarding as you’re gaining a staff member who is already familiar with your company values, culture, and business.

5) You invest in the future
When you employ a student, you are helping shape the future of business. Every year, we have more than 400 Bachelor of Commerce students graduate. They take everything they’ve learned in and outside the classroom – co-ops included – to their new workplaces.

The Asper Co-Op Program has been around for more than 14 years and our grads are employed around the world. It’s guaranteed they will never forget the impact their co-op terms made on their education and professional career.

So you’re ready to hire an Asper co-op student, now what? Visit our Information for Employers page to find out your next steps.

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