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Cheer on the Faculty of Science 3MT 2021 Competitors

August 6, 2021 — 

On August 10 and 11, 2021, students will be challenged to showcase their research to a general audience in a three-minute or less in a 3MT competition. Part of the Faculty of Science, Student Undergraduate Summer Research Experience Program.

 There will be two competitions that will air live on the Faculty of Science YouTube channel.

Tune in, and cheer on our undergraduate students! Discover world-changing research at the UM Faculty of Science.

Listing of undergraduate student 3MT competitors and topics:

Life Sciences
3MT Competition
Tuesday August 10, 2021 at 1:00 pm

Watch online: 

  • Does one size really fit all: Determining ideal filter type and porosity for use in environmental DNA
    Katrina Audet
    Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Docker, Department of Biological Sciences 
  • Evaluating SKP2 as a Chromosome Instability Gene in Colorectal Cancer
    Gillian Boychuk
    Supervisor: Dr. Kirk McManus, Department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics 
  • PGP- what? The microbes feeding our future
    Stefanie Chaput
    Supervisor: Dr. Mark Belmonte, Department of Biological Sciences 
  • Family Experience of Elopement in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Rashi Chhabra
    Supervisor: Dr. Toby Martin, Department of Psychology  
  • RNAi: Our green Saviour
    Sharon Felix
    Supervisor: Steve Whyard, Department of Biological Sciences 
  • Protecting the Diabetic Heart: Can roflumilast prevent cell death in cardiomyocytes exposed to lipotoxicity
    Amy Fernando
    Supervisor: Dr. Joe Gordon, Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science 
  • Re-New Contracting
    Juanita Garcia
    Supervisor: Dr. Kristine Cowley, Department of Physiology  
  • Drug resistance and variation among yeast infection isolates
    Devin Habon
    Supervisor: Dr. Aleeza Gerstein, Department of Microbiolog
  • Electrochemical Detection of Resistance to Tobramycin in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    Muhammad Hayat
    Supervisor: Dr. Sabine Kuss, Department of Chemistry 
  • A species-specific approach to mosquito population control
    Kousha Kamal
    Supervisor: Dr. Steve Whyard, Department of Biological Sciences 
  • Signal Jamming: The computational design of Netrin-1/DCC inhibitors
    Matthew Kirby
    Supervisor: Dr. Jörg Stetefeld, Department of Chemistry 
  • Synthetic Fertilizers and Fungicides, Who Needs ‘em?!
    Patrick Lloyd
    Supervisor: Dr. Mark Belmonte, Department of Biological Sciences 
  • Exploring the role of metabolism in glioblastoma
    Eliz Malaso
    Supervisor: Dr. Tanveer Sharif, Department of Pathology 
  • Accessing the stability of dsRNA in A. aegypti to develop a species-specific pesticide
    Japji Matharu
    Supervisor: Dr. Steve Whyard, Department of Biological Sciences 
  • Photodynamic Inactivation Effect on Influenza using TLD-1433 as a Photosensitizer
    Tolani Olanrewaju 
    Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Coombs, Department of Microbiology 
  • Overcoming nitrogen pollution through Rhizobium-legume symbiosis
    Zeel Patel
    Supervisor: Dr. Ivan Oresnik, Department of Microbiology 
  • Unlocking the Potential of the Fungal Secondary Metabolome
    Randi Roy
    Supervisor: Dr. John Sorenson, Department of Chemistry 
  • Managing mycotoxins: understanding nutrient acquisition in Fusarium graminearum
    Meagan Smith
    Supervisor: Dr. Matthew Bakker, Department of Microbiology 
  • Cytochrome C Oxidase Deficiency Detection using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy in Living Cells
    Shubhneet Thind
    Supervisor: Dr. Sabine Kuss, Department of Chemistry 
  • The Electrochemical Characterization of Auranofin in Aqueous media
    Melak Yossief
    Supervisor: Dr. Sabine Kuss, Department of Chemistry


Physical, Computational, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences
3MT Competition
Wednesday, August 11, 2021 at 1:00 pm
Watch online:   

  • Fabrication and characterization of micro-optical ring electrodes
    Nafisa Ahmed
    Supervisor: Dr. Sabine Kuss, Department of Chemistry   
  • TBD
    Aishat Bello
    Supervisor: Dr. Celine Latulipe, Department of Computer Science 
  • PCEV With Alternative Covariance Estimators
    Thomas Czubryt
    Supervisor: Dr. Max Turgeon, Department of Statistics 
  • Domination in Networks
    Laura Funk
    Supervisor: Dr. Karen Gunderson, Department of Mathematics 
  • Representing Information In a Smaller Way
    Connor Hryhoruk
    Supervisor: Dr. Carson Leung, Department of Computer Science 
  • Iso-photo-metry – Equal-Light-Measurement
    John Jiwa
    Supervisor: Dr. Chris O’Dea, Department of Physics and Astronomy 
  • Infect Everyone: Modelling infection spreading via bootstrap percolation
    William Kellough
    Supervisor: Dr. Karen Gunderson, Department of Mathematics 
  • The Universe’s Most Powerful Particle Accelerators
    Alan Nguyen
    Supervisor: Dr. Samar Safi-Harb, Department of Physics and Astronomy 
  • Friction-Coupled Pendulums: Understanding the Widespread Phenomena of Coupled Oscillators Using a Unique Model System
    Bentley Turner
    Supervisor: Dr. Can-Ming Hu, Department of Physics and Astronomy 
  • Evidence for Jet Driven Outflows in Hercules A
    Daniel Turon
    Supervisor:  Dr. Chris O’Dea, Department of Physics and Astronomy 
  • Rotational Spectroscopy of Astrochemical Species
    Keighlynn Veilleux
    Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer van Wijngaarden, Department of Chemistry

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