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cover image of the 10th anniversary edition of the Canadian Journal of Human Rights

Canadian Journal of Human Rights celebrates publication of 10th anniversary edition

Canadian Journal of Human Rights celebrates publication of 10th anniversary edition

May 26, 2022 — 

The only Canadian peer-reviewed academic journal dealing exclusively with human rights research is still staying true to its original mandate 10 years later. Founded in 2012 by Faculty of Law professor, Dr. Donn Short, the Canadian Journal of Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Law and Policy remains a publication of the Law Faculty Council at the University of Manitoba. Each year, about 20 law students cut their teeth on academic research working for the CJHR as Assistant Editors, Editors, and as Senior Editor, all under the guidance of Dr. Short who remains Editor-in-Chief.

Produced with funding from the Legal Research Institute, the Law Foundation of Manitoba, and with assistance provided by Carmen Roberge, Faculty of Education and Professional Studies, Université de Saint-Boniface, the CJHR is an internationally recognized journal that attracts scholarship from respected human rights scholars around the world. Publications have included immigration and refugee law, freedom of expression, equality, sexuality and gender rights, international law, criminal law and numerous other issues related to domestic and international human rights.

In the 10th Anniversary edition’s forward, Dr. Richard Jochelson, Dean of the Faculty of Law, recognizes the CJHR’s singularity and the critical role it plays in fostering the exploration of human rights issues, especially with so much more work to be done. “Disability injustice maintains, as Canada continues to lag even the United States in legislative responses to inaccessibility,” he writes. “Members of the LGBTQ2S*+ communities continue to be othered and excluded from institutions and opportunities across the globe. Hate crimes and anti-Semitic speech appear to be on the rise over the last several years in Canada and globally. Trumpism, the rise of strong men and movements to the fascistic right have increased around the world.”

“It has never been more important to explore these vital issues, and this journal continues to be an international thought leading vehicle in the complicating of human rights discussions.” – Dr. Richard Jochelson, Dean of Law, Forward, (2021) 10:1 Can J Hum Rts 

“The CJHR is one of the few groups in the law school who do what we do twelve months during the year,” said Dr. Short. “There is no season to what we do – it’s an ongoing cycle. We work through the entire school year and we don’t stop during the summer. As those cycles have turned, ten times now, I have been cognizant of two overriding principles or goals that define our mission of public education. First, our task is to contribute to the growing awareness of human rights, generally, and, second, our charge to present scholarship that results in the actual respecting of human rights.”

Senior Editor Jack Powles graduates from the Juris Doctor program this spring after having been involved with the CJHR in multiple capacities since the end of his first year of law school. He describes his time spent with the journal as one of the highlights of his law school experience. “It offers a unique experience during law school in being a part of an ongoing project throughout the entire academic year,” he said. “Each volume of the journal is a culmination of the work other student editors have done in preceding years, and it is both a rewarding and memorable experience to have each year culminate in publishing a volume of the CJHR with that year’s editorial team. I know the CJHR will continue to be a success for all of those involved, and pass all my thanks to Editor-in-Chief Dr. Donn Short for this invaluable mentorship throughout these past 2 years.”

Editor Rhiannon Swan finishes her second year of law this spring and has learned much from her experience working on the journal. “I have really enjoyed being able to work with peers who share an interest in the promotion and discussion of human rights,” she said. “The CJHR has allowed me insight into topics that I might not have otherwise considered, and more importantly how the law might be used to protect the rights of vulnerable communities. I think this is something that is very important for professionals in the legal field to remember.”

Articles contained in the 10th Anniversary edition include “The Final Refugee Paradigm: A Historical Warning” by J. Mauricio Gaona, “Managing Campus Expression and Equality Rights: Contemporary Considerations for Canadian Universities” by Arig al Shaibah and Sophie Poinar, and “Towards Developing a Non-ableist and Non-cisnormative Taxonomy of Bodily Integrity Identity and Expression in Canadian Human Rights Law” by Daniel W. Dylan.

The full volume is available for download on the CJHR website, along with past volumes.

This year’s editorial board consists of the following individuals:

Donn Short

Senior Editor
Jack Powles

Brandon Gray
Brayden Gray
Rhiannon Swan
Prachi Sanghavi
Lewis Waring

Next year, students Rhiannon Swan and Brayden Grey will take on the roles of co-senior editors working with Dr. Short to continue the CJHR’s mission of producing outstanding human rights scholarship.

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