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Cycling through the Southwood Lands

Cycling through the Southwood Lands

The best way to bike to campus from Pembina

August 22, 2014 — 

Cycling is a great way to get to and from the University of Manitoba. There are  obvious health and environmental benefits, and it’s fun.

However, biking onto the Fort Garry Campus can get a little hairy if you’re taking University Crescent. Fortunately, there’s an alternate route that’s scenic and quick.

UM Today caught up with Ian Hall, director of the Office of Sustainability, and several umanitoba community members as they rolled through quiet streets and riverside views using the Plaza Drive bike route. If you already bike to campus, or are thinking about doing so, watch the video below to see the best way to bike to campus from Pembina.

There are over 500 bike-rack parking spots at the U of M and a number of cycling-related services run out of the Bike Dungeon. More information can be found at the links below.

Here’s a map with directions if needed too.


7 comments on “The best way to bike to campus from Pembina

  1. Rhiannon

    Great video and use of map at the same time!
    So nice to have this alternate route into campus. This should be shared with Bombers fans heading on to campus for games.

  2. Suzanne

    I use this trail often and I recently saw 4 deer grazing along the path. They are not afraid of cyclists and barely paused their grazing as I rode by slowly.

  3. Laurine Harmon

    Great video – I’ve been trying to describe to friends my bike route to campus from St. Vital. Now I can show them the latter part of this video!

  4. Warren

    Use this path daily.

    WTH is it with the females though and no helmets?

    Also single file along the new multi-use path please. No side-by-side riding as is demonstrated.

  5. JC

    Would be nice to have a pedestrian bridge east of the university over the river that would connect with south St Vital. Having to go all the way north to Bishop then south from there is quite lengthy to get somewhere that is technically so very close.
    That gravel part is quite muddy with all the rain too, not ideal. Otherwise, better than taking University Crescent I’d agree.

  6. Lisa

    The paths and route are great. It is awesome to have an instructional video, but… (this is the part where someone beat me to it)… why aren’t the women wearing helmets?

  7. JN-M

    I use the route twice a day to get to work (from Fort Richmond to Grant Park). The path is quite muddy for a few days after rain. Now I just need the City to put a multi-use path from Bishop Grandin to the south end of Riviera Crescent and i can avoid Pembina entirely until Point Road and the Jubilee Underpass.

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