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Admin Building and Fort Garry campus.

Summer road renewal construction on Fort Garry campus

July 12, 2021 — 

UM’s road renewal program continues this summer with the reconstruction of University Crescent and Freedman Crescent (from Dafoe Road to King’s Drive).

Here’s what you can expect as part of the project.

Phase 1

Construction work was completed at the Freedman Crescent and King’s Drive intersection, which was closed to traffic May 17 – June 15.

Phase 2

Continues through the summer, with the reconstruction of University Crescent and Freedman Crescent.

  • Travel on University Crescent and Freedman Crescent south of Dafoe Road affected.
  • University Crescent closed to all traffic.
  • Emergency access and building access maintained throughout.
  • Detours can be expected.

Road closures will affect some parking lots and may cause turning or access restrictions on adjacent streets. All closures and interruptions will be communicated through UM Today and be listed on the UM Service Disruption Page.


Expected road construction projects for 2021

2021 road construction map

(PDF) UM FGC 2021 Road Construction_REV03

  • Zone 1: University Crescent/Freedman Crescent
  • May 17 – November 1
      • Phase 1A – Freedman Crescent (King’s Drive intersection)
      • Phase 1B – Freedman Crescent (King’s Drive to Service Street 2s)
      • Phase 2A – Freedman Crescent (Service Street 2s to University Crescent)
      • Phase 2B – University Crescent (Freedman Crescent to Dafoe Road)
      • Phase 3 – Freedman Crescent (University Crescent to Service Street 2s)
      • Road closures will affect traffic, up to date information on the service disruption page.
  • Zone 2: Dafoe Road Landscape (University Crescent – Gillson Street)
  • July 19 – August 27
      • Landscape deficiencies including sidewalk work.
      • Partial lane closures can be expected.
  • Zone 3: University Crescent (Chancellor Matheson Rd. to Dafoe Road)
  • August 3 – August 27
      • Warranty work.
      • Lane closures can be expected.
  • Zone 4: Sifton Road
  • June 7 – August 31
      • Road closure just north of Wallace. Detour through Parking Lot ‘K’.


  • Zone 5: Gillson Street
  •    Starting July 7 
        • Road closure at Dafoe Rd. traffic reduced to one lane.
        • Essential traffic and emergency access only.
        • Parking Lot ‘N’ closed.


  • Other: City of Winnipeg Work on University Crescent
  • July 19 – November 1
      • Contact 311 for more information
      • University Crescent (north portion – Chancellor Matheson Road to Sifton Road).
      • Lane closures and detours are anticipated.


Construction timelines are weather-dependent. Milestone dates are flexible and subject to change. For schedule updates during construction, visit the University of Manitoba’s Service Disruption Page.


Additional information

Why is this construction happening?

As the primary vehicular route into and out of campus, University Crescent moves traffic through the area. The route is identified as a green scenic drive with an enhanced tree canopy in both the boulevard and median within the Visionary Regeneration Fort Garry master plan. Improvements to sidewalks, multi-use path connections and routes are included as part of the redevelopment plan.

The reconstruction of University Crescent combines the fourth and fifth years of a five-year road renewal plan.


Five-year road renewal plan for Fort Garry campus

This plan was based on recommendations from an assessment of the current road network, approximately 22,935 linear feet of roads (excluding Smart Park). Roads, primarily asphalt-surface except for a small portion that’s a mix of concrete and asphalt topping, are in various states of disrepair, and the assessment included strategic repairs and renewals.

The plan prioritized roads nearing severe degradation, to the point of significantly affecting commutes. Whenever possible, roadworks projects were planned to include repairs to other services as required, such as electrical, sewer, and water.

Road projects completed since 2018:
  • Saunderson Street 
  • Freedman Crescent (Service Street 7 – Kings Drive)
  • University Crescent (Chancellor Matheson Road – University Crescent)
  • Dafoe Road (Chancellor Matheson Rd. – Gillson St.)


For any questions, please contact Vanessa Jukes Strutt, Project Manager, Architectural & Engineering Services, Physical Plant, at Vanessa [dot] Jukes [at] umanitoba [dot] ca


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