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Sprint Interval Training vs. endurance training, responders vs. non-responders to exercise

Dr Scribbans shares her expertise with 'Human Performance Advancement' podcast

January 27, 2017 — 

Dr Trisha Scribbans, Assistant Professor, FKRM,  joined David Nolan of Human Performance Advancement on its podcast where she shared her research on exercise responders and non-responders.

In the episode, David and Dr Scribbans discuss:

Topic 1: Exercise Adaptations and Training Intensity

Q1. What is Vo2 max & how significant a role does ones Vo2 max play in their health status?

Q2. How is the exact definition of high intensity training? (Is there a difference between HIT and SIT?)

Q3. Can HIT elicit the same adaptations as conventional endurance training? Is one form of training superior to the other in terms of increasing Vo2 Max and performance?

Q4. What are the underlying mechanism that allow similar benefits to be achieved from HIT training as from endurance training?

Topic 2: Individuality and responses to exercise protocols

Q5. What role does inter-individual response play in exercise response and adaptations? Do we all respond to exercise training in a similar way?

Q6. What factors might lead to these response differences?






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