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Law student Edvanny Silva Burns holding cello backstage at Michael Buble concert

Musicians Among Us: Law student plays cello at Bublé concert

October 28, 2022 — 

One third-year law student is having a most extraordinary start to her legal career. One month in to her last year of law school at Robson Hall, Edvanny Silva Burns (3L) found herself tuning up her cello to perform in the backing orchestra for the Michael Bublé concert that rolled through Winnipeg on October 7th.

Because the words “law student”, “cello”, and “Michael Bublé” don’t often appear in the same sentence together, we had a few questions for Edvanny.

What’s your pre-law background?
I started playing the cello when I was 7 years old in Brazil. Cello was my life and I did it as a career until I got into law school. I did my undergraduate degree in music – cello performance.

How did you get recruited for this show?
I went for dinner with my former cello teacher and the conversation came up. I mentioned to her that I heard that she was playing with Bublé. Then she confirmed and asked if I wanted to play. I promptly said yes! I have always liked Bublé as an artist and I have gone to watch his concert for the past two times here in Winnipeg. 

To what extent are you able to keep up with taking on gigs while studying law?
I definitely do not have the availability to take gigs like before due to law school and family responsibilities (I am a mom of two young kids). I do try to keep myself somewhat engaged with my cello though. Once or twice a month I meet up with a friend of mine (pianist) to play some of the cello repertoire for fun. I also take gigs here and there, depending if I am available. Definitely not during exam period. I must say that I have more fun playing the cello now than when I did it as a career. Less pressure. 

Edvanny isn’t the only cellist lurking about Robson Hall. Jodi Plenert (3L) has also played cello, and was spotted wielding it in The Lawyers Play last spring at MTC Warehouse in “The World Goes ‘Round”. We know she has a story to tell!



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