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Got e-waste?

Find out where you can recycle your electronics

November 13, 2019 — 

Did you know old electronics cannot be disposed of in a regular recycling bin? All electronic waste (e-waste) must be dropped off at an e-waste drop-off centre. Visit this website to find your nearest drop-off location! 

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, electronic waste is the fastest-growing source of waste in North America. Only 20 per cent of electronic waste worldwide is recycled, resulting in over 140,000 tonnes of e-waste dumped annually in Canadian landfills, according to Environment Canada.

Improper disposal of electronic waste can not only have serious environmental impacts, but also health impacts. Electronics can leak toxic elements, such as mercury and lead, into the environment. Recycling electronics through organizations such as the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) is a safe way to dispose of your electronics and to ensure a second life is given to components of your e-waste.

A recent e-waste drive, hosted by the University of Manitoba’s Office of Sustainability as part of Sustainability Month in October, saw an overwhelming response. Electronics ranging from a broken iPhone to an electronic typewriter to a record player to old used cords were donated. An approximate 1,600 pounds of electronics were donated to the EPRA to be recycled properly, and therefore diverted from landfills.

After the success of the previous e-waste drive, several students completing their ‘Make a Difference’ project as part of the Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility course taught by professor Bruno Dyck in the Asper School of Business, decided to partner with the Office of Sustainability to organize a second e-waste drive. The project is also in tandem with the Sustainability Ambassadors Program, which allows students to implement sustainability projects around campus and in the community for credit on their co-curricular record. 

The second e-waste drive was a huge success! There were over 1,000 items diverted from the landfill because of e-waste donations. Thank you! 

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  1. Andrea Friesen

    I bring all of my old laptops, cell phones, hard drives, tvs, power tools, appliances, batteries, etc., etc., to Staples on Pembina. They will take anything! Super easy and fast.

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