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Education Graduate & PBDE Student Convocation Spring 2012

May 31, 2012 — 

Congratulations to the following PhD, Master of Education, and PBCE/PBDE students who recently completed their programs in the Faculty of Education. 
~ Dr. Zana Marie Lutfiyya, Associate Dean (Graduate & Professional Programs, and Research)

Graduates with ans asterisk (*) beside their name graduated in February 2012.

PhD in Education Graduates

Connie Allsopp

Connie Diane Marie Allsopp
*Title of Thesis: Manitoba Principals’ Perceived Changes to their Knowledge, Skills, Dispositions, and Practices after Partaking in Leadership Education, and the Effects of these Changes on Student Outcomes: An Exploratory Study
Advisor: John J. Stapleton

Terri Jo Ashcroft

Terri Jo Ashcroft
Title of Thesis: Nursing Educators’ Perspectives of Nursing Students with Disabilities
Advisor: Zana Marie Lutfiyya




Alanna Gay Baldwin

Alanna Gay Baldwin
Title of Thesis: Exploring the Interactional Determinants of Collaboration On Interprofessional Practice in Community-Based Geriatric Care
Advisor: John R. Wiens


Eric Dowsett

Eric Samuel DowsettTitle of Thesis: Realizing Change in a Manitoba High School: A Multi-Lens Perspective and Integrative Framework Explaining the Linkages among Contexts, Agents, and Strategy
Advisor: John J. Stapleton



Master of Education Program Graduates

Dr. Francine Morin, Head of the Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning (CTL)
Dr. Charlotte Enns, Head of the Department of Educational Administration, Foundations & Psychology (EAF&P)

Master of Education Thesis-Based Graduates (CTL)
Charlotte Marie Arnold*
Thesis: Voices of the Global South:  Peace, Development and Education
Advisor:Donald Metz

Kevin Brian Carter
Thesis: An Exploration into the Effects of L1 Explanatory Notes on L2 Oral Production:  Liberation of the Mind or Shackles of Depenency?
Advisor: Sandra Kouritzin

Demetra Hajidiacos*
Thesis: The Imagination Room Teaching Drama to Children on the Autism Spectrum:  One Mother’s Journey to Receiving a Treasured Education
Advisor: Francine Morin

Sandra Cristina Matias Pacheco Melo*
Thesis: Winding Pathways:  Supporting Refugee Students in High School:  A Narrative Inquiry into the Experience of One EAL Teacher in Manitoba
Advisor: Yi Li

Gayle Dawn Peters
Thesis: Exploring Professional Identity in Response to Curriculum Reform and Professional Development: The Teaching Life Stories of Chemistry Teachers
Advisor: Brian Lewthwaite

Cynthia Faye Phillips*
Thesis: Sign Language:  Interpreting the Linguistic Landscape of a Manitoba Town
Advisor: Sandra Kouritzin

Dianne Louise Sjoberg*
Thesis: An Exploration of Student Choice Making Regarding Arts Options in Grade Seven
Advisor: Francine Morin

Master of Education Thesis-Based Graduates (EAF&P)

Noriko Boorberg*
Thesis: International Dentist Degree Students’ Educational Experiences, Perceptions, and Adaptation to the International Dentist Degree Program at the University of Manitoba
Advisor: Dieter Schönwetter

Ruthanne Marie Dyck
Thesis: Educational Change: A Case Study of Nine School Leaders in the Prairie View School Division
Advisor: David Mandzuk

Kristine Joy Friesen
Thesis: An Exploration of the Perceived Impact of Selected Factors Related to Successful Métis Education: The Voices of Métis Graduates of a Rural Manitoba High School
Advisor: Jonathan Young

Lonnie Dale Liske*
Thesis: Not Many Parents, Not Much Involvement: A Study of Parent-Centred School Partnership Councils in Three Rural Manitoba schools
Advisor: Dawn Wallin

Desiree Heather Narvey
Thesis: Response to Intervention; An Inclusive Framework for Student Services
Advisor: Jerome Cranston

Brian Richard Paterson
Thesis: Recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction: A Phenomenological View of Lived Experience
Advisor: Glen McCabe

Audrey Linda Richard*
Thesis: Setting Good Footprints: Reconstructing Wholistic Success of Indigenous Students in Higher Education
Advisor: Nathalie Piquemal

Alysha June Farrell Sloane
Thesis: Theatre of the Commons: A Theatrical Inquiry into the Democratic Engagement of Former Refugee Families in Public High School Communities
Advisor: Dawn Wallin

Rosemary Vogt*
Thesis: Co-Constructing Collaborative Classrooms: Novice and Veteran Teachers Perceptions of Working with Educational Assistants
Advisor: Marlene Atleo

Master of Education Comprehensive Route Graduates (CTL)
Michael Anthony Dale Flett | Advisor: Catherine Casey
Marc Benjamin Kuly* | Advisor: Yatta Kanu
Tanya Lea Lemoine | Advisory: Stanley B. Straw
Lori Lynn Lobchuk | Advisor: Clea Schmidt
Michael Joseph Pizzi* | Advisor: Francine Morin

Master of Education Comprehensive Route Graduates (EAF&P)
Lorinda Ann Baranoski* | Advisor: Kelvin Seifert
Kristin Andrea Fallis | Advisor: Laara Fitznor
David Maurice Hoeppner* | Advisor: Jerome Cranston
Lisa Hilda Lacosse | Advisor: Laara Fitznor
Louise Marie Claire Lafleche* | Advisor: Orest Cap
Robert James Mauthe | Advisor: Dawn Wallin
Agnes Marie Mowat | Advisor: Jerome Cranston
Jose Rosas-Leon* | Advisor: Rodney Clifton
Christopher Douglas Yard | Advisor: Jonathan Young
Ellen Charlotte Young* | Advisor: Jonathan Young

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Education Graduates

Jeffery Collin Darnell Larson
Catherine Grace Wurtz*

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education Graduates

Jacintha Chinyere Anyadike
Desiree Dawn Armenti*
Dena Joelle Arnold
Darren Keith Baker
Jessica Lee Barnes
Lauranne Dawn Elisabeth Benoit
Jocelyn Justine Bergunder*
Lindsay Christine Black*
Andrea Jill Breiter
Leigh Anne Brown*
Ursula Grace Bruyere*
Bryna Patricia Demers
Nancy Lynne Desrosiers*
Joshua James Diduke*
Kenneth Edward Fast Dueck
Ryan Christopher Dulder
Kirsty Winifred Dunlop
Regina Jeannette Faber
Sandy Margaret Fazenda*
Arlis Ranae Folkerts*
Karyn Gail Foster
Ryan Francis
Christy Michelle Geith*
Lainee Danielle Gelinas
Elizabeth Mae Hammond*
Michelle Lisa Marie Hancock
Vincent Oliver Hiebert
Sarena Elaine Hofer
Robert Shawn Hudson
Stacey Ann Huggard
Bonnie Colleen Johnson
William Edwin Jones
Tricia Anne Kinaschuk-Oughton*
Janet Elaine Knutson
Cynthia June Komadowski
Gaylene Margaret Kornelsen
Judith Lamb*
Dawn Louise Langlois
Lori Lynn Lawrynuik
Brandie Marlene Lev*
Elizabethi Jane Linton
Arlene Elinor Macduff
Jennifer Dawn Mackenzie
Dan Jay Marshall
Anita Mayer
Stephanie Madelaine May Midford*
Josyf Klyment Mudryj
Maxine Cheryl Mutcher
Tammy Doreen Ortynski
Tracie Marie Pacheco
Catherine Elisabeth Norma Page
Lori-Lynn Katherine Pasosky*
Derrick Lawrence Pokrant
Jason Poponne
Peter William Price*
Tracy Dale Procter
Kelsey Deanne Purves
Sarah Anne Pype
Yoanne Rautert
Jill Elaine Reid-Hodgert
Shannon Riccio
Catherine Ainsley Roch
Jennie Ruhr*
Kyle Jay Russell*
Amandeep Kaur Sran*
John Colin Steele*
Christel Jacoba Steingart
Sean David Stevens*
Benjamin Thomas Storie
Adriana Suver
Christopher Paul Torrance
Andrea Michelle Unrau
Megan Leanne Vankoughnett
Dominik John Vann
Linda Wall
Jaime Marie Zulyniak


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