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Wpg Sun: Lashing out like road rager likely only causes more anger

July 22, 2015 — 

The Winnipeg Sun looks into the issue of road rage.

As they begin their report:

A local professor says lashing out to “vent” frustration doesn’t actually serve the stress-relief value many think it does and likely contributes to greater aggression.

Dan Bailis, the head of the University of Manitoba’s psychology department, said motorists who react to adverse situations or perceived personal wrongdoing with aggressive acts are likely only adding to their anger and stress.

“The issue is whether it helps to actually make you feel less aggressive if that little lash out is going to release some steam or some pressure … and the research on that is pretty clear that the little lash-outs don’t help,” Bailis said.

“You might feel better because you feel like you did something, but it won’t disincline you to be aggressive the next time you’re cut off. It will probably re-enforce that sense that this is an appropriate thing to do or a normal thing to feel.”



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