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Student Winners of Brickworks Contest Announced

January 12, 2018 — 

The Brickworks competition was launched in the fall as part of the Atmosphere symposium on Fabrications (Feb. 1-3). Nearly 50 fabulous submissions were received.

The jurors have met and Fabrications Co-Chairs Liane Veness and Lisa Landrum are thrilled to announce three winners and four honorable mentions:

“Bee-rick” by Matthew Saunders (ED3-Arch.Option)
“Eva Hesse” by Brendon Klassen (ED4-Arch.Option)
“Zig-a-Brig” by Claudia Parrott and Symrath Bali (ED2)

Winners earn free Atmosphere registration!

Honorable Mentions:
“Maulten” by Carson Wiebe (M2-Arch)
“R.A.M.” by Ralph Daniel Gutierrez (ED3-Arch.Option)
“Step” by Chidera Johnmark Emekaduome, Joserielle Letasi Aridru and Calvin Atuhairwe (ED2)
“Lumi” by Papa Saliou Fall (ED2)

The jury consisted of visiting C.A.S.T. Researchers-in-Residence Dustin Wiebe and Myung Duk Chung, as well as archi-poet and Hands on Masonry instructor in the Department of Architecture, Ted Landrum.

Brickworks invited students to interpret the symposium theme(s) of Fabrications through making a creative artifact the size of a common brick.

Jury Comments:

Bee-rick (winner):

“The judges were drawn to this submission for its creativity of expression and thought. It makes compelling reference to the themes of Atmosphere 10, particularly through the use of quasi-lattice, honeycomb structures and beeswax, evocative of domestic and labour-driven social fabrication respectively.”

            —Dustin Wiebe, C.A.S.T. Researcher-in-Residence

“Each face is unique. High-tech strata soften in low-tech wax. If you stand it up like a soldier (and squint), it resembles Louis Sullivan’s Wainwright Building.”

            —Ted Landrum, Archi-Poet

Eva Hesse (winner):

“This project is a collaboration of functionality and expression of masonry: to explore expressive attributes of structure as well as space.”

            —Myung Duk Chung, C.A.S.T. Researcher-in-Residence

“The jute tangle makes me think: of an open network of ganglia and synapses. Maybe it’s the fuzzy side of a jumbo-Velcro, only half-way invented. Or a gentle cage. When I pick it up, I feel like running home to re-read R.D. Laing’s weird book called Knots.”

            —Ted Landrum, Archi-Poet

Zig-a-Brig (winner):

“The serrated origami surface plays nice in the light. Versatile, they can stack in manifold ways, each making a different texture. In wonderland, the Zig-a-Brig’s teeth could grin with shark-like precision.”

            —Ted Landrum, Archi-Poet

Maulten (honorable mention):

“Texture, colour, form, and attention to detail in the fabrication process helped to distinguish this work from many others in the competition—an imaginative abstraction of the common brick!”

            —Dustin Wiebe, C.A.S.T. Researcher-in-Residence

“Wow: transparent aluminum! Maulten caught my eye, and would not let go.”

            —Ted Landrum, Archi-Poet

R.A.M. (honorable mention):

“This project is a metaphor of industrial production and fabrication process with sophisticated mode of making.”

            —Myung Duk Chung, C.A.S.T. Researcher-in-Residence

“Flotsam/Jetsam in an age of uber-obsolescence. Will it float? If Frankenstein were alive today, he’d robot-love this bit of bittersweet tongue-in-cheek. It makes me laugh and cry, and that’s ok.”

            —Ted Landrum, Archi-Poet

Step (honorable mention):

“On its own, it resembles one of Dali’s moustaches. As a series, it would weave a wavy wall. Imagine a garden wall made with these elegant Scarpa-esque bricks. In plaster it might break in two at the whimsical meander, but ductile materials – cast iron, or recycled caoutchouc – can do.”

            —Ted Landrum, Archi-Poet

Lumi (honorable mention):

“Triangles! Why not? Like the pyramids – very stable – and mysterious when light shines through the little window to hidden chambers concealed within.”

            —Ted Landrum, Archi-Poet

Stay tuned for details about the group Brickworks construct – in which all entries will be aggregated into one collective installation.

Atmosphere 10: Fabrications, Feb. 1-3, 2018

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