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Meet our new faculty members

All 3 new faculty members hail from outside Manitoba. Let's get to know them.

August 26, 2016 — 

This fall semester, there will be a few new faces in the Frank Kennedy Centre hallways.

The Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management is excited to welcome three new faculty members into its fold. All three are new to Winnipeg and bring with them diverse backgrounds in research and academia.

Let’s get to know them a little better.




Kelsey Johansen



What will you be teaching?

PERS 1300: Introduction to Leisure Travel
PERS 1400: Concepts of Recreation and Leisure
PERS 2200: Program Planning Principles

REC 3090: Sustainable Nature-Based Tourism
PERS 3100: Inclusive Physical Activity and Leisure


Why did you choose to come to U of M?

I choose the U of M based on its reputation as a student-centered, research intensive, university.  Since arriving, my impressions of campus-culture and the University community have only improved.


Before accepting this position with U of M, you resided in New Zealand. Did you ever meet any Hobbits?

No, but it wasn’t for lack of trying! My best friend came to visit and we went ‘full nerd’. We hiked through Rohan looking for warg and even had dinner at the Green Dragon following a tour of Hobbiton.


What do you like most about Winnipeg so far?

The little big city feel: Winnipeg is small enough that everyone has been genuinely welcoming but it’s big enough that there’s a lot to do, from farmer’s markets to the Forks, sports and outdoors pursuits. It’s really   fabulous.


What’s your favourite thing to do?

I’m really passionate about the outdoors: hiking, canoeing, camping, scuba diving, and wilderness photography are probably the top five. I also love horseback riding and engaging in sustainable agricultural practices and homesteading lifestyle activities like gardening, preserving, canning, and baking. Recently, I’ve rekindled a passion for weight lifting.


What book/show/media are you currently watching or into?

I’ve always loved the Mithgar series by Dennis L. McKiernan, and re-read it frequently. If you like Lord of the Rings, or Game of Thrones, you’ll like these high fantasy books. The characters are full of depth, and their adventures often parallel deep philosophical and existential inquiry along with intrigue, battles, and love stories. His standalone novel, Caverns of Socrates, is a brilliant examination of the ethics of Artificial Intelligence and game theory, set within the epic landscape of an AI simulation game.

As for media or television, I got quite into the All Blacks and rugby league while I was in New Zealand, and also enjoy several of the DC Universe TV shows and cooking shows like River Cottage. You could say my tastes are quite eclectic.


▶ Kelsely Johansen’s faculty profile.



Dr. Fenton



What’s the focus of your research?

Recreation and mental health.

Why did you choose to come to U of M?

Really great research support! I could also see ways that I could collaborate with other researchers.

What do you like most about Winnipeg so far?

The hot summers!

What impact do you want your research to make?

Contributing to more inclusive recreation.

What’s your favourite thing to do?

Outdoor hockey and getting lost in a great novel.

What book/show/media are you currently watching or into?

Anything Sherlock Holmes…The TV show, short stories, books on tape (especially read by Ruth Golding!).


▶ Dr. Fenton’s faculty profile.



Dr. Trisha Scribbans



What’s the focus of your research?

Athletic Therapy. It’s an area I’m very passionate about. I’m interested in exercise physiology as well.  Also, I’m interested in the mechanisms underlying the ability of high-intensity interval training/exercise (HIT) to elicit comparable improvements in local (e.g. skeletal muscle) and systemic metabolism as moderate-intensity extended duration exercise (i.e. endurance training), variability in individual responses to exercise training, and the development of anatomical and educational models for the improvement of manual skill acquisition in novice health care providers.

Why did you choose to come to U of M?

I had such a great experience with the interview. Everyone seemed so supportive and the environment seemed very collegial. There’s lots of growth happening at U of M. I feel like interests I have and opportunities that exist here are well aligned. This will be a great place to pursue my interests.

What do you like most about Winnipeg so far?

The people are extremely friendly and the weather is pretty great.

What’s your favourite thing to do?

I like to cook and spend time with family and friends.

What book/show/media are you currently watching or into?

I’m not a big TV watcher, but when I do, I like shows on the Discovery Channel and survival shows.


▶ Dr. Trisha Scribbans’ faculty profile.





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