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LowLand Entrapment Board by Matthew Glowacki and Gel Illagan

Master of Landscape Architecture students win 2nd place at International poster competition

August 31, 2023 — 

Master of Landscape Architecture students Matthew Glowacki and Gel Illagan have been awarded 2nd place in the international DLA 2023 Student Poster Competition. The competition has been part of the 24th Annual Digital Landscape Architecture Conference in Dessau, Germany. The theme of the competition was “Future Resilient Landscapes”. Students were invited to showcase their work by submitting a poster presenting landscape architecture visualization techniques “fueled by experimental communication …, while exploring the boundaries of digital techniques in landscape architecture”. (Competition brief)

MUDLANDS was the topic of the LARC 7340 Design Studio 4 in Fall Term 2022. The studio examined the Netley-Libau Marsh, the discharge landscape of the Red River into Lake Winnipeg after the water’s long journey. Prof. Dietmar Straub taught the design studio with the teaching assistance of Jamie Coverini.



Covering 22,000 hectares, the Netley-Libau Marsh comprises a complex topographical pattern of shallow lakes, lagoons, channels, and acts as ‘nature’s kidneys. The design studio’s task was to vividly portray the interaction and systematic interdependency of the industrial-farmed prairie landscape, the City of Winnipeg, and the aquatic, terrestrial landscape at the mouth of the Red River. Communication and presentation skills were relevant for all phases of the design process and were applied and practised throughout the term. Collages, associative images, drawings, prose, mud and poetry – all these forms were encouraged. At the end of the fall term 2022, all students presented their work in printed copies to classmates and their professors. The work was also publicly displayed at the 2022-2023 Year-End Exhibition.

Out of 34 digital submissions to the DLA 2023 Student Poster Competition, the international jury selected three posters that received the highest ratings and were thus chosen as the winning posters. Evaluation criteria were Innovation & Creativity, Project Complexity and Communication & Layout.

Matthew’s and Gel’s “LowLand Entrapment Board” condensed their work from LARC 7340 Design Studio 4 on one comprehensive and appealing DIN A1 poster, which has convinced the international jury – CONGRATULATIONS!

Jury members
Pia Fricker (Aalto University, Finnland)
Rosalea Monacella (Harvard GSD)
Trevor Sears (Anhalt University of Applied Science)
Nicole Uhrig (Anhalt University of Applied Science)
Fr. Bankert-Hahn (Landscape Architect, Saxony Anhalt, Germany)
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Image credits:
LowLand Entrapment Board by Matthew Glowacki and Gel Illagan
All photos by Dietmar Straub


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