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kim standing in the Joe Doupe Rec Centre gymnasium

Kim Armitt, 2022 / Photo by Kerri Chase

UM Recreation Services testimonial: Kim Armitt

Armitt stresses the importance of exercise and a balanced life for individuals working in healthcare

November 16, 2022 — 

Kim Armitt, who works as the manager of physician’s services at the Health Sciences Centre, has been an avid member at the Joe Doupe Recreation Centre (JDRC) for several years. Armitt was one of the “die-hards” who continued to attend classes as long as they were open during the COVID-19 pandemic. She speaks to the importance of physical exercise in maintaining her own physical and mental health.

How did you get involved with UM Recreation Services?

Well, I started getting involved some years ago when I started with the Health Science Centre here at Bannatyne campus. So, I started going to classes quite some time ago, just every once in a while. And then, as time went on and I took on different situations and different types of jobs within the healthcare industry, I felt that the more I went the better I felt with regards to stress, with regards physical health and mental health. Over the years started really dedicating myself to being able to come during my noon hour and making it a priority.

Why is it so important for healthcare workers to have an outlet for their own physical and mental health?

I’m not on the front lines, I’m don’t work in a unit, I’m in administration. But for me it’s mental health for that one hour that you’re away from you’re not thinking about your job-related duties, you can focus on something else.

What facilities and classes do you take advantage of at Joe Doupe Recreation Centre?

I predominantly go to fitness classes. I like the variety, I do them all as much as I can. I’ve done the step class, the cardio, the strength, the bike, the pilates, I really enjoy the variety.

What would you say to someone who’s feeling unsure or hesitant about getting involved?

Try it. For somebody who’s hesitating to try, I guess you don’t know until you try. I’ve had colleagues come and join and for whatever reason they felt that either it was for them and they continued, or it really wasn’t, because not everybody can follow classes, or you know, feel that they can’t take the time. Everybody’s workout ethic and priorities are different.

Have you been involved in other gyms before, and why have you chosen Joe Doupe?

I have been involved with a couple of others over the years, but I like this one for the sheer convenience. I’m here every day, so this is convenient. And the variety of classes.


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