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Two females wearing graduation gowns. One also wearing a grad cap. Both holding red roses.

Faculty of Arts graduates Light Uchechukwu and Catherine Nadine St. John

UM “community” delivers big impact on these grads

Honours graduates share appreciation for the people who helped make their experience “the best they could ask for”

June 4, 2024 — 

When reflecting on their time at university, alumni regularly share that the most impactful memories are those that include the people they met and shared experiences with during their degree.

Spring 2024 Bachelor of Arts honours graduates Light Uchechukwu and Catherine Nadine St. John are no exception. The Faculty of Arts connected with each of them to ask about their time at UM:

What degree and program are you graduating with?

Light Uchechukwu: I’m graduating with a B.A. Honours degree in psychology. I have always loved learning about human behavior and how our minds function. I have a strong passion for learning and speaking out about mental health, and I’ve always wanted to help people who are struggling. 

Catherine Nadine St. John: I’m graduating with a B.A. Honours degree in history. I really, really love history- the reasons are too long to list here! I must thank Dr. Jorge Nállim, who encouraged me to do an honours degree, which was invaluable to me, and I really enjoyed it.

What is one thing that stands out to you from your time in the Faculty of Arts?

LU: Working alongside Dr. Kristin Reynolds, my thesis advisor during my last year. I learned a lot about research, specifically qualitative research. (Ed. Note: Her thesis is being refined for a first-authored publication.)

CS: It’s absolutely the community I had with my fellow students and in the history department generally. I’ve done nothing alone!

What are your plans for the future?

LU: To do my master’s degree in psychology. Throughout my time at UM, I have developed a love for research and would love to keep participating in different projects. I also hope to become a practicing psychologist.

CS: To pursue an MA in environmental history at UBC, which I’m both excited about and scared for! Thanks to all the professors who helped me apply for graduate school and offered advice on my applications.

What experiences outside the classroom were you most grateful for?

LU: The time I got to spend with my teammates (Ed note: Light was the captain of the Bisons women’s volleyball team). Getting to play the game we love at UM and playing in big games such as the CanWest Championships are moments that will stay with me forever. My team made my time here at UM the best I could ever ask for.  

CS: I love the U of M, partly because I know I was incredibly lucky. My cohort was really close, and it was great to make so many friends! I’m grateful for all the other students I met through UMHiSA (UM history student’s association). My time at the university would have been a lot lonelier without it. I’m also grateful for the URA, which allowed me to work with both Dr. Roisin Cossar and Dr. Kiera Ladner, which was really invaluable research experience. I’m continuing my work with them this summer, and it’s been very fun. 

Tell us about one of your favourite moments in the Faculty of Arts.

LU: Taking the Science of Intuition class with Dr. Launa Leboe-McGowan. I will always remember the conversations, content, and people in that seminar. We had great discussions on the science of human intuition, and I remember continually leaving that class wanting to share everything we discussed with my friends and family. 

CS: I don’t know if I can narrow my favorite specific thing, so I’ll pick a broad thing: all my seminars! In no specific order, Jocelyn Thorpe’s class on Canadian environmental history is why I’m doing the MA program I am, Jorge Nállim’s classes are why I’m learning Spanish, David Parent’s class on Urban Indigeneity was awesome, as was Jordan Howell’s class, David Churchill’s, Esyllt Jones’, Jennifer Dueck’s, and Orysia Kulick’s. Thanks for all of your help and teaching!

Any final messages?

LU: If I could go back, I would tell my first year self to be more outgoing, step out of my comfort zone, and talk to people. The people you meet are the best part of your degree.

CS: Congratulations everyone! Be excellent to each other!

Uchechukwu and St. John will convocate along with over 600 other Faculty of Arts undergraduate students in two ceremonies on June 4, 2024.


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