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Studentship recipient Md Mahamudul Haque

Graduate students awarded prestigious RFHS graduate studentships

February 29, 2024 — 

Thirty-nine graduate students from the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences have received 2024 graduate studentships, which are scholarships available to RFHS graduate students in their first or second year of a thesis-based master’s or doctoral program.

These studentships provide two years of financial support: $19,000 per year for master’s students and $24,000 per year for PhD students.

This competition has been held three times, with increased funding to better support graduate students.

“We are committed to empowering our graduate students and fostering their academic success,” said Dr. Peter Nickerson, vice-provost (health sciences) and dean, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences. “We’re very impressed by the calibre of students who applied this year and excited to see where their hard work and dedication will take them.”

UM Today reached out to a selection of recipients to find out what this studentship means to them. Here’s what they said.

Portrait of Samah AhmedSamah Ahmed

Supervisor: Britt Drögemöller, biochemistry and medical genetics

I am truly honored to have been selected for the prestigious RFHS graduate studentship. To me, the studentship is not only a financial support, but it is also a recognition of my academic and research potential. It also alleviates financial pressures, allowing me to fully dedicate myself to my studies. I consider this studentship as a powerful motivation, fueling my passion and commitment to advancing research on the genetics of age-related hearing loss.

Portrait of Nick Leclerc

Nicolas Leclerc

Supervisor: Dr. Robert Beattie, biochemistry and medical genetics

To me, winning the RFHS graduate studentship represents much more than just a source of funding. It is also a validation of my commitment considering I am a student who moved from the northern community of The Pas to attend school here in Winnipeg. It demonstrates that with hard work and perseverance that anyone can compete even with inherent disadvantages.

Portrait of Danielle Pascual

Danielle Pascual

Supervisor: Dr. Paul Marcogliese, biochemistry and medical genetics

Receiving the graduate studentship holds great honour and significance to me as it allows me to continue to pursue my academic passions and to contribute meaningfully to the knowledge in my research field! This studentship also validates my hard work and dedication to my research and I fully intend to continue to work even harder because of this motivation. I’d like to thank my wonderful supervisor Dr. Paul Marcogliese, our lab, my committee members and the biochemistry and medical genetics department for their support. 

Portrait of Samuel AkinolaPelumi Samuel Akinola

Supervisor: Dr. Sherif Eltonsy, College of Pharmacy

I am grateful to have received the RFHS Graduate Studentship. My research investigates the risk of autism spectrum disorder associated with prenatal exposure to antiseizure medications. As epilepsy presents unique risks, there is an important need to identify the safest medications for expectant mothers and understand the potential trade-offs in terms of risk. This support will enable me to address the intricate challenges of managing epilepsy during pregnancy. I am particularly excited to make meaningful contributions to the field.

Portrait of Hana OlofHana Olof

Supervisor: Dr. Heather Armstrong, immunology

Receiving the RFHS graduate studentship is really a huge honour. This studentship will allow me to delve deeper into the immune-gut-dietary fibre interactions in IBD patients and help dietitians provide better guidelines for patients. It also motivates me to challenge myself and make meaningful contributions, aimed at bettering the lives of thousands who are experiencing difficulties with IBD. It is definitely a bright and hopeful start to the year!

Portrait of Md Mahamudul HaqueMd Mahamudul Haque

Supervisor: Dr. Kangmin Duan, oral biology  

I am very humbled and honored to receive RFHS graduate studentship. Alongside providing financial support, this studentship recognizes my academic and research merit in the field of antibiotic resistance and biofilm studies. This award encourages me to pursue continuous growth and development in my research and contribute to improving antibiotic resistance issues in real-world settings. I am grateful to my supervisor Dr. Kangmin Duan for his immense support throughout my graduate studies. I am also thankful to my committee members and mentors who helped me to come this far. It is indeed a rewarding experience to work on what I am passionate about and I will continue to work hard to achieve my academic and research goals.


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