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Endowment fund continues to make a huge impact

April 20, 2012 — 

Engineering Mechanics Teaching LaboratoryIf you were an engineering student at the University of Manitoba at any time after 1987, you may have noticed a small line in your tuition statement that said “Endowment Fund”. That small contribution, made by each engineering student since then, has had a tremendous impact on the Faculty of Engineering, and the services it provides to students.

The referenda process began when engineering students came up with the idea to raise funds for their faculty by holding a vote. Since then, virtually every faculty and school has adopted a similar process, and student referenda results have continuously supported contributions to various funds and initiatives (so the Engineering students were the pioneers of this unique process).

Since its creation the Engineering Endowment Fund has grown to over $3- million which has provided incredible support for ideas that have improved the Faculty of Engineering. While the largest contributors to this fund have been students, faculty, staff and alumni have also generously helped the fund to grow.

The objective of the Engineering Endowment Fund is to support the pursuit of excellence in education, research and public service in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba. Monies available from earnings of the Fund are used to support activities and projects, including invited speakers, visiting researchers, Chairs in special fields, facilities and equipment, scholarships and bursaries, and outreach efforts.

A perfect example of this fund at work is the recent creation of the Engineering Mechanics Teaching Laboratory. This lab is an interdisciplinary undergraduate teaching facility dedicated to enriching the student learning experience through hands-on experiments in mechanics.

Training in the area of Engineering Mechanics is fundamental to all disciplines in the Faculty. This new lab empowers students to engage in a full design cycle from concept, design and implementation of results and validation. Significant hands-on experiences compliment classroom instruction and reinforce the understanding of abstract concepts in a practical and meaningful way. Hands-on laboratory experience is recognized by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board as an essential component of the learning process.

Engineering Mechanics Teaching Laboratory

Monies from the Engineering Endowment Fund provided for the purchase of teaching equipment and necessary renovations to accommodate the laboratory. Ongoing support from the Endowment Fund will assist with the acquiring of more teaching equipment and further re-development of the space.

This lab is one example of the Engineering Endowment Fund at work. There are many others, including the support of technical competition teams and outreach and recruitment activities and materials.

So if you have been a student at the Faculty of Engineering over the past 25 years, thank you for your support of the Engineering Endowment Fund. If you are interested in continuing to support this vital part of the Faculty’s growth, please contact our Department of Philanthropy and ask about the Engineering Endowment Fund.  1-800-330-8066

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