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2016 Undergraduate Research Poster Competition winners

Undergraduate Research Poster Competition 2016 winners with competition host Dr. Digvir Jayas (centre), Vice-President (Research and International)

2016 Undergraduate Research Poster Competition winners

October 31, 2016 — 

From magpies to healing through art to breast cancer the Undergraduate Research Poster Competition covers a diverse range of topics. The annual competition took place on Thursday, October 27 with nearly 100 participants displaying their work in five different categories and vying for cash prizes.

The event gives undergraduate students who have participated in research an opportunity to showcase their projects. Judges assess each project and winners in each of the five categories are chosen based on official judging criteria.

Many of this year’s student competitors were recipients of Undergraduate Research Awards (Experience Research). Applications for the 2017 awards are now open.

The 2016 Undergraduate Research Poster Competition winners were named in the following categories:

Applied Sciences

1st – Daesung Kim (Biosystems Engineering)
Project: The Cellulose Fermentation for the Production of Biofuels with Thermophilic Bacteria
Research Supervisor: Dr. David Levin

2nd – Wolfgang Klassen (Physics/Science)
Project: Development of a large area MCP based proton detector for use in Nab experimental design
Research Supervisor: Dr. Russel Mammei

3rd – Jasmin Cochingco (Electrical Engineering/Engineering)
Project: Application of Source Follower and Acoustic Amplifier Circuits in Structural Health Monitoring
Research Supervisor: Dr. Douglas Thompson

Creative Works

1st – Madeline   Rae (Hutchinson) (School of Art)
Project: The External Labyrinth: Redefining Photographic Physicality as a Manifestation of our Internal Other
Research Supervisor: Prof. Dominique Rey

2nd – Danielle Fenn (Fine Arts/School of Art)
Project : Pahgedenaun- Healing Through Art Imagery of Devaluation and Emotional Labour
Research Supervisor: Dr. Zana Lutfiyya

3rd – Daniela Veisman (Environmental Design/Architecture)
Project : Public Space as Societal Connector in University Campuses
Research Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Landrum

Health Sciences

1st – Mirna Ragheb (Nursing)
Project: Oxidized Phosphatidylcholine Induces Inflammation in Human Airway Smooth Muscle Cells
Research Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Halayko

2nd – Pedro Penzuti Pacheco (Science)
Project: Identifying Methylation Patterns in Young Women Breast Cancer With the Use of Machine Learning
Research Supervisor: Dr. Wayne Xu, Dr. Marshall Pitz

3rd – Deborah Chan (Nursing)
Project: Breastmilk Hormones and Infant Body Mass Index: Findings from the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) Study
Research Supervisor: Dr. Meghan Azad

Natural Sciences

1st – Matthew Genung (Chemistry/Science)
Project: Investigation in 2′ 5′ Oligoadenylate Synthetase 2 activity via double stranded RNA
Research Supervisor: Dr. Sean McKenna

2nd – Ashley Bell (Biological Sciences/Science)
Project: Elongin B Involvement in Arabidopsis thaliana Germination on Stress Media
Research Supervisor: Dr. Dana Schroeder

3rd – Meara Stow (Psychology/Arts)
Project: Self-control: A comparison of magpies and scrub jays
Research Supervisor: Dr. Debbie Kelly

Social Sciences and Humanities

1st – Rory Waisman (Pyschology/Arts)
Project: Cautionary tale: Overestimation of scale reliability is risky business
Research Supervisor: Dr. Johnson Li

2nd – Francesca Silla (Psychology/Arts)
Project: Why do Visual Attention Span and Four Dot Masking Tasks Matter in Good and Poor Readers
Research Supervisor: Dr. Richard Kruk

3rd – Aleah Fontaine (Psychology/Arts)
Project: Power and Status Incongruence, Ethnicity, and Gender: A meta-analysis
Research Supervisor: Dr. Jacquie Vorauer

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